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New Arrivals

IMG_20160728_131810I just picked up Mew (green collar) and Meowth (blue collar and socks).  They’re 7 or 8 weeks old, but have colds, so I have them for treatments and such.  I’ll be away mid-August, so the timing is good.  They don’t act sick and are very enthusiastic about digging in the litterbox.

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All With New Homes

IMG_20160722_201241Aquaman was adopted first, then Flash and Green Arrow got taken together.  All kept their capes.  Now for cleanup.


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One More At-Home Day

IMG_20160722_110517The DC Superheroes’ first adoption day will be tomorrow at the block party, with the adoption van and no-fee adoptions.  I took them to the shelter and back.  I did pick up more kibble, and they had a ride with a less upsetting result than their prior one (the surgery).

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Shooting High

IMG_20160721_104448Green Arrow now can top the full barricade, get atop the yellow bookcase and look out the window, and leap tall buildings (probably.  None in the room.)  If the leap is higher than she thinks she can do, she picks an alternate route.  Flash follows.  So far, Aquman watches.IMG_20160721_104522

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Pillow Case

IMG_20160718_215505Flash is snugged down in a pillow case, under the pillow.  They’re pretty well recovered from the surgeries.  The girls were a little saggy for a few days but are back to being trim.  They’re getting the hang of climbing with dull nails.  Aquaman is getting pretty clever about trying to sneak out when I go in or out of the room.  They’re ready to take over their own new homes.

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Not Sucking

IMG_20160716_143722I caught Flash in a rare cuddle that did not involve her trying to suck my face.  It didn’t last.

Earlier, I got a picture of Aquaman and Green Arrow cuddling, with a view of the nicely healing incision.  Shaved belly spots are cute.IMG_20160716_135231

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Back In Business

IMG_20160715_210135The superheroes are back to normal, albeit with shorter claws and shaved bits.  They can leap about three feet from the ladder to the tower or chair.  They’re not yet as accomplished at vertical leaps, which is good for me.

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IMG_20160713_175537They all did fine with their surgeries.  Green Arrow was pretty leary about being put in the carrier, and I had to admit she was right: not a fun day for them.  Aquaman is sleeping, but the girls are playing and exploring.  I have the climbing things down for a little recuperation time.

It turns out that they have a full load of kittens for this weekend, so these guys won’t be at an adoption event until the 22nd. They have a big block party adoption event that weekend: Bark and Meow Around The Block.

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Cape Troubles

Capes really are not practical for active kittens, but they don’t mind them enough to be upset.  Green Arrow was carrying a corner of hers for a while.  Capes handicap them in ways similar to claw trimming: what used to work, doesn’t but there’s always something else to do.  A belly strap might keep the cape on the back, but they’d be sure to get entangled in each others’ straps.  So, capes are a temporary entertainment.


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Superheros with Capes

IMG_20160707_155544IMG_20160707_155744IMG_20160707_155632With the help of the internet, I found logos for the superheros.  Some scraps and fabric paint and they’re all set.  Everyone is over 2 pounds now and surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday.


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