Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bigger Digs

img_20160930_142713I don’t really trust Hammie to find his way to the crate during the night, but I’m starting to give him daytime choices.  He has bonded with Blue Puppy and the heating pad.  The litterbox is aspirational, but also a different walking surface.


And Upside Down

img_20160929_192047He fell asleep and his paws keep flapping.


Right Side Up

img_20160929_190024Hammie does spend some time both awake and right-side up.  He’s cute in any pose.


Thumb Sucker

img_20160928_205211It’s easier to suck your thumb if you lie on your back.  Hammie is learning a lot of skills.  One of his unusual traits is how his tail curls, generally to the side.  I looked it up and it seems to be a genetic thing.  He is also getting a lot of blog posts because, as a solo kitten, I think he needs more social time.  And as a light-colored kitten, he’s easier to potograph.  And I’m co-fostering him, so his other family can see how he’s doing.


How Hammie Rolls

Hammie is getting serious about working on his core muscles.  Today I think he was rolling over on purpose and working on getting upright again.  There’s much less flailing about now that he’s learning what to do.


Good Morning

img_20160928_083729What can I say?  Hammie is a very happy kitten and enjoys cuddle-and-explore time.  He’s not even bothered much by butt-washing in the sink.


Hammie And The Belly Rub

Hammie got a lot of exercise today, including belly rubs from Emily.  He’s getting stronger each time he gets to walk about, and he’s started grooming what he can reach of himself.

This morning, I had him with me up on the bed and Smudge, my foster cat of a few years ago came in to check out the bottle and carrier.  He ignored me until I held Hammie out towards him–and then he ran away, as shocked and fearful as a vampire confronted with a silver cross.