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img_20161030_195843They do appreciate a floor-level lap for napping.  Hammie is all the way through my legs and on the floor, but undisturbed.  It turns out, he is not gaining weight, just yo-yoing.  The others have a nice slanted groth line.  They get a check-up Tuesday and I can get some advice.  He IS younger than the others; he does eat and play, but always a little slower than the others.  Also, I think he’s the one who has been peeing outside the box: I’ve caught him settling into the position a couple times and moved him.

Added note: just caught Gorgon peeing on my computer bag.  The blame can be spread around.  As can the pee.


Black and Beautiful Cats (also silly)

El is gorgeous in the bright sunlight.  In the video, I finally caught Gorgon’s silly tongue action.  I think he does it while eating but it especially is funny when he looks up and is still flicking his tongue.



Jacket Nap

img_20161028_155657Quiet day programming. Hammie’s weight is still yo-yo-ing, but everyone is happy when I bring a treat like a bowl of KMR.


Soggy Kibble

img_20161027_154120Everyone but Hammie started finally gaining weight.  Last night I made Hammie try sogged kibble:  after spitting it out, he decided he did like it.   The others aren’t interested, so he has all the time in the world to eat it.



img_20161025_162707They’ve got their basic skills now.  I can now just put food in a dish and they eat, although I often have to place El in front of the dish several times.  Some of them even eat kibble.  They aren’t big jumpers yet and haven’t been pulling the books off the shelf, but that’s okay.  Yesterday they stayed and played on my lap when I was fiddling, instead of retiring to the carrier.  Tomorrow they have their second set of shots, although I’m not sure if Hammie is getting on that schedule.


Foot Washing

img_20161022_185421Chances are, there was some food on Demi’s foot, but it was a sweet moment anyhow.  The Stranger Things kittens play and run like the 6-week-olds they are.  Hammie joins in when he’s not napping, but besides being a week younger, I think he’s a little more sedate by nature.



img_20161022_150956So far, Gorgon is the only one who goes into the box.  Good fun, inside or out.

I brought just food, no bottle, at 2 a.m. last night.  Gorgon very eloquently stared at me and rolled his tongue into a bottle-taking shape.  Sad, but not hungry.  Even El can sometimes eat without my fingers.  Demi has been the best eater and consistently gained weight.  El has been mostly a flat line.  But today was better.


Cuddle Puddle

We had a cosy evening together last night.  Everyone can eat without my fingers, but Hammie needs a little start and El needs frequent reassurance.  El has not gained weight during this time which is frustrating to both of us.  They’ve been getting 1 or two bottles a day which they love but I’m thinking of stopping.  I’m not boiling the bottles for the final cleaning yet.



img_20161019_195856Hammie working hard.


Purr Necklace

img_20161019_184702Hammie often goes to bed before the others and misses some cuddle time.  He’s getting better at eating without using my fingers and has developed a full facial immersion method of eating.  El is the least-skilled eater now.

The eyedrops have worked their magic, but we have to complete the 7-day course because we don’t want the gunk to come back stronger.