My Little Ray Of Sunshine

04 Oct

img_20161004_141318Hammie had been sleeping soundly, but it had been 4 hours so I brought him a bottle.   He didn’t wake up when I came in, opened his ‘door’, or when I called him.  Usually just touching him startles him awake, but he stayed limp as I picked him up.  Then he woke up and we both were startled.  He then drank over a tablespoon of formula.  One fosterer said she didn’t see why people woke kittens up in the night to feed them.  Hammie is a big 10 ounces now (300 g), but I don’t think he would wake up when he needed food.


One response to “My Little Ray Of Sunshine

  1. Connie

    October 5, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    oh Hammie, don’t scare us like that!!
    I tend to wake kittens up if it is their feeding time – at least the first few times – to make sure they aren’t hypoglycimic.. as long as they continue to do well and put on weight, I tend to push the midnight feedings to get a little more sleep


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