Storm and Dung

08 Oct

img_20161008_161300The little storm kittens continue to be troopers.  They are not in synch on feeding and waking times, but they all eat eventually.  Amd often. They’re getting more social too.

Hammie had to poop while one of the stormers was mid-poop, so he pooped on his own.  Not in a litter box, but still a step towards independence.  Later, when placed in the box, he started digging, and pooped again.  After I cleaned him and the box, he went back to dig some more: instinctive burying.  He also enjoys chewing chicken, although I need to place it in his mouth.  He’s turning into a cat.


One response to “Storm and Dung

  1. Connie

    October 10, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    they all seem to do that eventually. We try to make them stay little, but they won’t.


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