30 Oct

img_20161030_195843They do appreciate a floor-level lap for napping.  Hammie is all the way through my legs and on the floor, but undisturbed.  It turns out, he is not gaining weight, just yo-yoing.  The others have a nice slanted groth line.  They get a check-up Tuesday and I can get some advice.  He IS younger than the others; he does eat and play, but always a little slower than the others.  Also, I think he’s the one who has been peeing outside the box: I’ve caught him settling into the position a couple times and moved him.

Added note: just caught Gorgon peeing on my computer bag.  The blame can be spread around.  As can the pee.


One response to “Melted

  1. Connie

    October 31, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Oh Hammie! you stealer of my heart you.. (btw, nice pants)

    Trout still refuses to pee in a box.. I seriously hope he starts doing that soon!


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