Fun With Excel

08 Nov

El was losing weight since Friday and not digesting well. Until Sunday night, he was still in good spirits, but then he started acting pretty down. I got the group a Tuesday vet appointment, but ended up taking El in for some subcutaneous fluids Monday morning. He moped, barfed, and had bad poops until evening and suddenly resumed playing and eating. I’d been squirting 5 to 10 cc’s of KMR into him, but when I couldn’t interrupt his kibble-eating, I decided we were done with that. Gorgon and Demi were so jealous of the KMR squirts: they didn’t want some in a bowl, they wanted the baby treatment.

Anyhow, he seems fine now and we’ll just keep track.

Hammie had his own graph before, but I started a new one when the Stranger Things joined him. He took quite a while to get serious about gaining weight, but has been fine. He’s even been better about using the box and achieving separation from the poops while in the box. I assume the butt-trimming helped, but maybe he won’t be needing more trims.

Now we have some fleas to comb out, but everything is cleaner.


One response to “Fun With Excel

  1. Connie

    November 8, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Hammie grams is the best thing I’ve seen today


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