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Log Roller

Wendy especially is learning to be a log roller. They all do it to some degree. Jack finally caught up to the others’ skill at climbing onto the tall chair. The others learned to climb on the table, so I replaced the towel cover with plastic from empty kitty-litter bags. Soon they’ll be able to jump onto desks and tables, but I’ll delay it while I can.


Claiming New Territory

img_20170130_224508Again providing kitten therapy in this time of turmoil.

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Beauty Sleep

img_20170129_082750They did not like the photo shoot–they were supposed to stay on a blanket and a guy kept clicking at them with a scarey slr camera.  The was some freeze-dried chicken which these two enjoyed.  Jack was having none of it: he’s a conservative.

Also, not just sleeping:


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1.5 Pounds Each

img_20170127_134014They’re getting closer together in weight again by gaining weight well.  The’ve also learned how to keep or get their faces clean.  Taco is the only one interested in getting out of the room, and that’s only when someone is outside and he needs them to come in and pet him.  Tomorrow they have a photo session at the shelter.  We’ll see if that’s freaky or a fun adventure.

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Live Door Action

Well, okay, recorded action.  Monday, when I was recording Wendy playing, Taco joined her, but Jack climbed on my lap and watched on the android screen.

Taco and Wendy had lower weights yesterday than the day before, but have regained it all and more so.  I wouldn’t have noted it much except that’s the day I send in their growth chart and also they had an appointment for their 2nd shots.  Really, they are doing well and are pretty happy with things as they are.  They haven’t yet focused on escaping the room.

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Tween-March Kitten Therapy

img_20170120_215707Mack and friends really enjoyed kitten time last night.

Jack is catching up to the others in weight.  They’re done with the nasty panacur medicine.  Maybe they’ll have a smooth stretch for a while.

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img_20170120_112411Wendy managed to growl a bit in her sleep.  She is a vocal girl.  Taco is the expert at not swallowing medicine.  He keeps his mouth open an shakes his head and does a Jackson Pollock.  But Jack regained and surpassed his previous weight already, up almost 2 ounces from yesterday.

And now, a video:


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