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Jack, The Visitor

Proof that Jack does more than sleep.  He’s staying with us for the weekend.

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String time

Jack watched the video as I was recording it.

And this post got lost as a draft for a while.

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From Jack’s new mom–happy cuddling.  Jack’s siblings both got adopted yesterday too, so the home cats are pretty happy.

Wendy got pretty strange for a little over a day after surgery.  She got more aggressive with her brothers and obsessed with digging all the water out of the water bowl.  I kept telling her she shouldn’t go swimming so soon after surgery and had to keep the water level low.  I already had the bowl on a tray.  The mood faded, probably with the fading of the pain meds.  They get a time-released dose at the vet’s which has meant a pretty even level of the drugs.  Their nails were trimmed pretty short, so that may have been bugging her too.  She was fine by adoption time.

Wendy and Taco did not want to get out of the carrier at the shelter: they didn’t like the previous visit.  Taco got over it pretty fast, but Wendy stayed hiding in a corner once she was in a cage.  Apparently they both turned on the charm soon enough and are now in their new home or homes.

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Kitty Sit

img_20170209_092238Jack’s adopted by a neighbor-friend, but is visiting while she’s at work.  There may be some issues getting used to different litter and the kibble he didn’t fully transition to, but h’s been having a good time and got to sleep on a person all night.  Or all the night when he wasn’t playing.


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img_20170207_074732They’re at the vet’s today for 3rd vaccination and spay/neuter.

Someone left stacks of things in their room close enough to the boxes by the window that the kittens could climb up.  I got home and found 3 very pleased window cats.  This also gave access to the table with things I don’t want them in.  I moved things around, but now they’re inspired.


Home again, with topical flea poison and collars.  They’re happy to have their space again.


The Purr Pusses of Life…

They’re all over 2 pounds and two months now, so surgery tomorrow, homes on the weekend (I hope).  Taco was able to jump into the trash can, so that’s up out of the way.  The table tops are still out of reach for now, and escaping the room has not been an interest, but still, these guys are ready for their own home.  Wendy would probably enjoy a little Taco-free time: he chews on her more than she’d like.


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Wearable Cat Toys

Taco is now over two pounds.  The others are about half an ounce under.  Taco can get into the trash can now.  They’re turning into teenagers–time for them to get homes.


Accessorize With Kittens

img_20170203_121410Make any outfit stand out, with kittens.img_20170203_121920

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More Visitors

img_20170201_143939Lots of company


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