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Dali Cats

Cats drape themselves like they’re posing for Dali.  They’re doing well and mostly using the litter box on their own.  They’ll eat a little canned food if it is put in or almost in their mouths.  They’re getting their cat skills.


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Wild Play

Wherein Twiga demonstrates early learning of playing with things: how far is it and what happens when you hit it.  Sometimes, they look perplexed at how to walk when it’s on their path to somewhere.  “Going around” is a later skill.

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Giraffe Scarf

I can always tell Twiga from Tembo if I can compare them, or can see the white spot on Twiga’s back or the lack of a spot on Tembo, but I had enough leftover giraffe print to do a small collar/scarf.

They had a vet visit today and a prophylactic worming.  They got a real carrier to replace the cardboard one–cardboard doesn’t clean well after getting soiled.

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I was at a fiddle gig so my husband and a friend babysat the kittens.  I was more worried than I would have normally been because Simba was not eating well yesterday, until late at night.  The gut unplugging by the premixed KMR was too much, so they’ve been messy too.  They are learning to leave the bed before pooping if they can, but not to get in the litter box.  Soon though, they’ll catch on, and the poop will be les of a mess too.  They all pigged out when I got back to them.

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Caturday Morning Wrestling

Wrestling after 3rd breakfast. They’re very happy campers now.

Tembo and Twiga have managed to poop now, once each; Simba is resisting.  I think I’ll pick up more pre-mixed KMR.  They’ll go through a can in a day, which is about the fridge-life of the opened can.  Once they’re more adept at food processing, I can merge back to the less expensive powdered KMR.  And add in some food.  Plus, they’ll be learning the litter box and I think being in control helps too.


Update: they all have pooped.  Lots.

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Shadow Boxing

They are playing with each other in the warm space, guarded by blue puppy.  Still no poop, so I’m blending in the premixed KMR, which sometimes goes easier.  One of these days…

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Sleeve Cat

The kittens had shown an interest in the position of sleeve cat, so I wore the loose sweater-robe to make it easier.  Tembo happily spent my whole fiddle practice time in my sleeve.  I avoided vibrato.  For a sense of scale, those are my fingers and rings next to her ear.

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More Settled Today

And much more content.  They were sound sleepers last night, or I was.  I fed them around 1:30 a.m. and slept through the 5:30 alarm.  There’s more purring and some grumbling, but no screaming.  No ear piercing screaming anyhow.

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Swahili Set


Simba is the dark orange and the light ones translate to giraffe and elephant.  I’ll get their info soon.  They are loud and two weeks old.

Twiga=giraffe, with a white spot on her back.  Tembo=elephant.  Twiga is the loud one.

I’ll add a video:

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