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No one can match the relaxing skills of Jack from the previous litter, but Simba achieved Kitty Nirvana earlier this evening with Em and now with Catherine.


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Someone Up My Sleeve

Twiga was running around, playing, log after her siblings had zonked out.  Suddenly, she had to join Simba in my jacket, then wiggle into my sleeve, then zone out.

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Yet More Homemade Cat Toys

I made some toys from the plastic trays from some oreo cookies.  The best is the ribbed bottom section, with just a bit of the curled side on one side: it spins readily and is too light to hurt if it bops them.  I had to reinforce the hold with tape because the string pulled through at first.

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Not The Baby Blues

Their eyes are no longer baby blue, but an interesting transitional cluster of colors.

They had their second shots today.  Simba may be a girl.  They may get spay-neutered the week after next–the genders will be known at that time anyhow.

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Cuddle Buddies

With or without a lap.  Afternoon nap time.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

It is so easy feeding them now: I mix some KMR and a can of babycat, serve, and they eat.  No finger-feeding.


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Box And Bag

They knew what to do with a bag, right away.  The box was less interesting at first,  but is great to chew on.  They’re 6 weeks old, about a pound and a half each, and doing well.

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