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Space Kitty

Stratus, chillin’.

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Getting It

Cumulus is beating Cirrus at the eating game.  I’m hoping she teaches the others.

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Round Cat

Round cat is very round.  She’s the most spherical, so much so that she cannot quite reach to clean her bottom.  To her credit, she does try, stretching one way, then the other and rotating.


Snuggle Time

They still have loose poops, but it’s less often.  Their butts still look sore: less so than yesterday at least.  Cirrus decided not to suck at the bottle: instead he’s happy to swallow as I squirt milk down.  I’m also giving them a little canned food, often gooshed out with formula.  They all use the litter box if they get there in time.  They prefer the ones farthest from their bed if they’re out in the room.  They have started batting toys and scampering too.

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Nostril Love

Obviously they’re doing better if I dare to lie down with them like this.  They’re still having loose poops, but not so often.  They’re gaining weight.  All but Cirrus use the litterbox if they can get there in time.  Cirrus likes the doorway, so I’m blocking that for a while.  Cumulus apparently has never met something as wonderful as my right nostril.

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Slow Improving

I’m hoping they’re done losing weight soon.  They’re heavier than this morning anyhow, and the poops are less frequent.  Still messy.  They felt like eating more often than yesterday.  I think a lot of kitten issues resolve if you can keep the input a little greater than the output–except for constipation.  No fleas since Friday and their gums and tongues are dark pink now: they were very pale when I got them.

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Litter Boxers

They all use the litter box to the best of their ability, which isn’t always good enough to avoid being washed.  Cumulus loses her balance and sometimes almost flips on her head.  It also is being complicated by them being a little sick–runny and unpredictable.  They all ate well this evening and they seem to be improving.

Yesterday, they were the stars at a bottle baby cat foster orientation.  Of course, no one wanted the bottle, but they did enjoy napping on the volunteers.

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