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They’re now mature enough to play with a paper bag and not pee in it.  Everyone is fixed now and up for adoption (except for Stratus who already has been adopted).

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So Lively

Stratus got adopted yesterday.  Polar is out by her lonesome, available for adoption today.  Cumulus and Cirrus get fixed this Tuesday and will be available next weekend.

The not-a-cube they are resting in was given by a friend.  It has fooled one person into trying to sit on it, and is obviously not up to the task if kittens can squish it.

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What You Do

Polar and Stratus are still with me, so I arranged the floppy mattress as a slide and allowed them to play with my yarn a little. The littler kittens can scale the slide better because their nails were trimmed less recently.

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Maybe The Last Lap Here

This may be the last day my special lap buddy is here.  Polar and Stratus are up for adoption today.


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Two Done

Stratus and Polar had their surgeries today and will be available for adoption Friday.  They were very hungry when they got home but not weird or wobbly.

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They enjoy fighting over this toy scarf.  I didn’t catch any growling this time, but they do growl and threaten and show off.

Cirrus and Polar are right at the edge of 2 pounds and may get surgery tomorrow.  We shall see.

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Happy Cats

The Cloud kittens continue to do well.  They had pictures taken today and were not bothered by the camera or anything.  This is not to imply that they sat still for photographs, but the photographer had a good fast camera.

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