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Temporarily Without Fingers

I mean, I have fingers but I got all three to eat without my having to hold the food.  Saturn is quite into it, and into the dish.  The girls prefer having the food on the floor if it’s not on my fingers.


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Neptune especially enjoys tugging on anything she can get in her mouth–she worries things like a terrier.  If only she were as eager to bite food.

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They’re growing up.  Saturn is pretty happy eating canned food; Mercury likes canned food on a finger or kibble in the hand.  Neptune is seeming a little concerned about food: he anxiously grabs it with claws but clenches his mouth shut.  Pretty typical for the kitten who is best at the bottle.

They mostly use the litter box now..  I wouldn’t trust them with a paper bag or cardboard box, but they’re in charge of their own butts now.


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Friends of Friends

Saturn enjoys a handful of food with a new admirer.

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Rumble In The Litterbox

 They also use the box appropriately, especially if reminded.

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Little Kitten, Big Eater

Saturn is very good at eating.  Mercury needs food on a finger, at least for starters, and Neptune needs her mouth pried open for the first bite, then eagerly eats from my fingers only.

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Take Your Kitten To Work Day

But the picture was taken at home.  They had a nice walk and BART ride.  Mercury got upset at MacArthur station, so I put my fingers through the carrier’s door mesh and she snuggled in, hanging on to the mesh.  She fell asleep that way.  I managed to forget to bring the unmixed KMR powder, but the two bottles of mixed KMR and quarter can of gooshy food that I had packed sufficed.  Little Saturn starts eating canned food on his own now: he doesn’t want to wait for a bottle so he marches into the food dish and sets to work.  They’re probably not yet 4 weeks old–he’s precocious. He and Neptune will use the litterbox sometimes too.

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After a meal, it’s time to chew your siblings.  They’ve been pretty happy.

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Back Together But Sad News

The Planet Kittens were ably baby-sat while I was gone, but Jupiter, who about half the time, didn’t suck well on the bottle, took a bad turn on Friday, with labored breathing.  Still a problem Saturday.  They checked him out, tried antibiotics, and kept him at the 24 hour vet, where he passed.  They’ll do more analysis.  Saturn is on antibiotics.

When I came back this evening and took them, I offered canned kitten food and they DEVOURED it.  They even ate straight from the dish.  I think it was Neptune who drank some from the bottle, but they’re way happier with food.

Saturn and Mercury are obsessed with Neptune’s butt still, but I’m hoping food and the bigger under-table space to explore will make that less attractive.  I gave everyone much-needed baths.


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The Planets are Aligned

All 4 heads are smooshed together.

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