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Instead of neutering, the kittens got diagnosed with ringworm, which I’d not noticed.  I’ve spent the afternoon cleaning the room and everything in it, washing kittens in a sulfur spongebath, pilling them, and washing more stuff.  They didn’t find any fungus on momcat Dolma, so she’s out of here and neutered.


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I brought the frog’s crickets in for the kittens’ entertainment.  Kabob was freaked when they moved, but the others were fascinated.

The shelter had a lot of adoptions this last weekend, so they have room for more.  The boys (Falafel and Hummus) definitely could be fixed and out.  Mom probably could: she still nurses sometimes, but also really wants out and away.  Harley and Kabob will still need a week or 2.  Chickpea could maybe reach the weight goal by Tuesday, but probably not.

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Door Again

With Dolma able to get out over the barricade at its high position, I don’t have the door open much.  When it is, they all love a good game of pawsies under the door.  Dolma gives me such a sad look sometimes, making me feel like her jailer.

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Food Issues

I’d wondered about the cat food in the middle of the floor that did not appear to be cat-processed.  I feed mom-cat Dolma separate–up in the loft or on the table.  She decided to try to carry the chunk of canned food down from the loft.  It kept breaking and dropping chunks down on everything, mostly ending up in a place she couldn’t reach.  She is a skillful cat–I couldn’t have moved cat food cleanly without using my hands.  She has succeeded some of the time.


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Harley Is Cute

The only thing that’s not perfect is that she’s not gained much since weaning.  She’s active and playing and eats a lot, but is not at all on the same growth curve as the others.

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Perfect Cat Toy On Your Butt

Sometimes it’s annoying when you have the perfect cat toy permanently attached.

They had photos taken at the shelter today.  Betsy gave us a lift so I could carry Dolma separately.  I swapped for a smaller carrier so I can use two small ones that will fit together in my bike trailer.  Dolma still lets her kids nurse a bit, but pretty seldom, pretty short duration.

Getting family photos is difficult–someone is always wandering off.  Next time you look at shelter photos where the kittens are all lined up, facing the camera, think of the 50 other shots.

Below, there’s Kabob working on her own tail.

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Mom Cat

Mom cat, Dolma, is seriously looking for a new position.  She seems pretty tired of being in the one room, with the kittens.  She’s not spayed yet, and the kittens still latch on occasionally for short sessions, and the shelter is tight for space for showing adoptable cats anyhow, with the refugees from Florida and the local fires.  She’s beautiful and friendly, with a deep rumble of a purr.  She likes the food, but she’s restless.