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Two Singletons

I have the task of civilizing two singletons, who growl at each other and at me.  Pictured is Umbra, who I was able to slip a bit of food into.  She decided she likes eating, from finger or dish.  She has staked out this litterbox as her territory.

Shadow is hiding in the crate.  She a more even, darker grey, like Semi.  She’s too scared and hissy yet to accept food, but I see her tongue say yes, so I figure it will work out shortly.   I set up a separate litterbox for her.

They’re about 5 weeks old.  The shelter figured I just have them for the time it takes to get them to eat.  Trusting people is my goal for them.


All Adopted

Laundry started.

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All Fixed

Surgery went fine.  I’d mentioned to the staff that Semi (and Tonka) were boys, they’d mentioned it to me various times, but somehow it never got entered in their paper work.  So Semi got the stronger drugs, but at least not the tougher surgery.  They are not very loopy despite the drugs.  Semi had a little trouble gauging the distance to drink water, but didn’t get all weird about it.  I’ve not seen Diesel have any problems.

Big Rig was fine being without siblings all morning, mostly napping.  Then I went downstairs and she woke up and panicked.  So I stayed with her until I had to leave to bring her siblings back.  Semi may be pretty lonely tomorrow. I hope he gets adopted quickly.  Big Rig and Diesel get to go to their new home tomorrow morning, after the paperwork is done.

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Getting Along

They get along well.  Their new names will be Maia and Kalino, after stars in the Pleiades.  (Spelling may differ).  Surgery tomorrow for Semi and Diesel-Kalino.

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Three Cubed

Medicine or no, everyone is feeling better and all active.  Semi is close enough to 2 pounds and Diesel is well beyond so they get fixed this Thursday.  Someone is finally able to jump onto my work desk in the room and knock things down.  For another few day, probably all I need to do is move the chair further away when I’m not working, and then they’ll be all adopted and jumping on things in other peoples’ houses.

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Two To Go

Or one, as Diesel is spoken for.  Two surgeries though.  I see by the shelter’s ‘adoptable cats’ page that Mater is no longer listed.  She was franticly lonely being in the carrier by herself, and looked sad in the cage.  Semi will have that to deal with next week.

This morning, Semi’s ribbon collar had gotten too loose and he caught his jaw in it.  I cut the ribbon, but gave him a new one, tighter.

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Tonka Got A Home

Everyone got runny.  Tonka and Mater got meds, and everyone is cheerier and eating more.  Mater and Tonka were on adoption row today and now Tonka has his own home.  (BigRig is Paula’s now but is hanging out here with her sister, Diesel, who will also be Paula’s, so they can break in their new home together.)  Sounds like a soap opera synopsis.

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Not Fat, Just Furry

The fixed kittens are fine.  BigRig’s eye was less squinty after just 2 doses of eyedrops.

Semi and Diesel continue to not gain much, and Semi lost a few ounces.  Both have been very ‘loose’.  It looks like they’re perking up this evening.  No surgery until next Tuesday, but a possible vet visit tomorrow morning.

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Big Rig, Tonka, and Mater are fixed and a bit goofy.  Big Rig has a bit of pink eye and has medicine.  She’s also adopted, but she’ll stay here as a guest until her sister, Diesel, gets fixed.

Big Rig also has the weird water obsession I’ve been seeing in post surgery kittens since they started using the time-release painkillers.  She digs in the water.  At least she doesn’t roll in it.  Yet.

Most of the nails are less pointy for a while.


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Didn’t Make The Cut

But they’re working on it.  Diesel at 1.9pounds is too light for a girl and Semi at 1.8 too light for a boy.  The others are getting snipped.  If these guys gain enough by Thursday and they have surgery time available, they may yet get fixed this week.

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