Monthly Archives: August 2018

Collar Toys

Former collars are popular toys.  This one was a toy while Spaghetti was wearing it.  The others would tug at it and try to groom the knot off.  Often, they succeeded.



Despite barfing last night and this morning, Linguini is having as much fun as the others.

The barfing has continued, so I took him in to the vet.  Riding all alone in the carrier was not fun, getting subcutaneous was not fun.  Going home alone in the carriers was not fun.  Being back home with his siblings IS fun.  He’ll get meds later tonight….[after the meds] He hated the meds but the anti-barfing meds they gave him have held up and he’s not barfed since the vet visit.


Hidden Kitty

I’m not sure if that was Aria or Rigatoni under the curtain.  Spaghetti and Macaroni on top.



Black Cat Is Not Black

In person it is even more striking, but Linguini’s hair is black only on the tips in most places.  Any surface bends get highlighted with grey.  It’s a lovely marbled effect.  His color may even be seasonal if the undercoat changes.



I keep moving the toys around and adding straws.  They keep playing and eating and growing.  I think all of them can climb on to the chair now.  Rigatoni is still freaked about getting down.  Aria descends with a graceful leap.



You can see the veins lining Aria’s ears.


Mesmerized By The Box

Maybe I’ll decorate a box as KittyTV some day.



Dive, Diva!

I think Linguini is in the box.  He spend much of the morning snugged inside my overshirt. At one point, he worked his way down the arm. I had to remove the overshirt to extract him.  Aria likes to cuddle, but also likes to be all independent up on a pillow the others cannot yet reach.  Then she wants to play with the others and joins in again.


Cuddle Day

They group randomly.  Linguini is getting so big–he dwarfs the greys.

The little greys especially still knead their food and have really grungy feet.  I’ve been wiping them down, or dipping them in water and brushing with an old toothbrush.  Aria kneads the air above the food and stays cleaner, although I still need to wipe her face down.  Linguini got a throrough cleaning a few days ago and has stayed tidy.


Eating! then not.

I was a little concerned when Gnocchi didn’t want even Nutrical last night, but this morning she was up with everyone else, came to the food, and started eating.  I’ll continue the subcutaneous and drugs, but what a relief.  She’s even recovered a little weight.

And then suddenly this evening, she didn’t want to eat and got worse after subcutaneous.  I believe she’s fading out now.  Rigatoni is snuggling her.  She just passed, with all her small sibs cuddled around her.