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Eye (Re)Opening


Holt’s eye was looking better, then more and more closed in.  The lids, both inner and outer were growing together.  So today he was seen by a vet and had them opened again.  I keep Holt and his brother for another week and a half, opening his eye for him a few times a day, eyedrops, antibiotics, and cone as needed.  The eye inside looks good, just the skin around it is yucky.


Also, a picture Catherine took yesterday of Terry considering leaving the room.  Both kittens are getting more interested in taking over the whole house.  Woolly does her best to guard against that.




I hold still better than the pillow does.




Sorry it’s dark, but cute arrangement.

A fellow fiddle club member from up north has been staying here for our concert weekend, and dressing up.  The kittens love skirts to hide under, dart under, and peek out from.

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Pretty Grey


Just Terry, looking pretty.

Holt’s eye is open whenever he is awake now.  The lids are still mucky, but less red.  He was asleep after a vet checkup.  I dragged him out to do the warm wet compress on his eye, and he fell asleep during the soak; it was the longest soak he’s had.  He slept through me bringing lunch in.  Terry finished his meal before Holt woke up and started to eat.



They get a reprieve and just a vet visit tomorrow instead of being up for adoption.  The vet wants to check on Holt’s eye and make sure it is healing.  It is doing a little better today, but still not pretty.  I’m happy to have less activity during my fiddle club concert weekend.

I have been trying to add a little “chicken soup for the kitten” canned food with their “baby cat” canned food.  Terry doesn’t want it if he can tell it’s there.  Holt is happy to have two meals.



Not A Great Eye

IMG_20190423_171405But an eye.  And the cones of shame are just if they’re licking or picking at the eye or spay site.

The foster-coordinator hadn’t even been told about the eye, but when I saw it was not stitched shut, I asked.  I’ll have to wait until he’s mellower to really look at it.

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IMG_20190422_155915Tomorrow is their surgery: they’ll have 5 balls removed.  I hope removing the bad eye resolves Holt’s snurfy problem.

These are wonderful bags: very stiff, and the handles are twine so they’re toys when cut.


Holt Having Fun, But His Eye Is Not Fun

Holt had a wonderful time in the mandolin case, but his left eye socket has swelled up again.

He did a long series of hard sneezes this afternoon and then shot out a huge booger.  After that, his breathing was better for a while, but it’s snurfy again now.  Plus he keeps drifting off while eating, making nursing sounds, nose in the canned food, eyes closed.  Then I move or something and he wakes up and resumes eating.  He’s happy though, unless I’m trying steam or warm compresses on him.

He has a vet visit tomorrow at 10 to see what’s going on.  Today’s visit was just shots and worming meds.


New Box

The kittens and just about everything had less attention in recent days as my daughter was trying to get what turned out to be ovarian torsion taken care of.  Apparently it’s uncommon enough that emergency rooms send you home or ignore you, despite the intense pain and danger.  She’s okay now, and home and fairly comfortable.

The kittens eat well on their own, but do enjoy having an audience for their play.  They even eat kibble and drink water.  They’re 9 weeks old and Holt is big enough for fixing, but Terry is still a few ounces short.  They have a checkup and shots this afternoon.


Fiddle Case

IMG_20190409_213623They love to play in the case while I play the fiddle.  Actually, they don’t care if I play or not, they just want the empty case and the space behind the lid.

They’re both gaining weight like crazy.  Holt may be a cat that needs portion rationing: he wants to clean every bowl.  Luckily, he’s not as fond of kibble.