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Doorway Diner

This morning, Willow escaped and got clear downstairs when I brought breakfast in: food cannot compete with exploring. She’s also getting very close to getting over the barricade with it fully up. So now I have the door closed, move the barricade aside, set the food right there in the doorway, and either raise the barricade and open the door, with me outside, or step over as I open the door, with hands free to snag kittens trying to escape. After the initial feeding frenzy, I can move the dishes to their usual spot.

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Sound Effects

This was when I brought dinner. They get very excited and have to tell me how much they want dinner. Generally two hop over the gate, but can’t hop back.

So I put the food down and then bring the escapees back. As they have not seen me put the food down, they assume it’s not there, while their siblings are happily eating. They take some convincing, and they have not learned to stay in the room.


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Hard Disc Light Pull

The big excitement now is mealtimes, when they sing loudly at me. They find things to play with and keep busy. They’ve got at least 2 more weeks of growing up here.

Here, I hung a hard disc from the light pull string by the desk. Then I moved the fiddle case over a little so they could reach it. I’m trying to delay when they can jump from there to the desk. These guys seem likely to jump and climb where I’d rather they didn’t, but that isn’t yet.

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The kittens are back to gaining weight. They had the last of their antibiotics today. This photo was because I love how Maple has white to grey shades in her long neck fur.

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I set up the tower today. They approve. Not only is it good to climb, stretch, and scratch on, but it gives them access to the chair seat and the shelf.

They had photos taken with a big camera. It was a lot like herding cats.


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Morning Sunshine

They were in the post-feeding nap mode. They are all very eager eaters now–I’ll try to get someone to do a video of feeding time, with the chorus. They digest well. They’re still on antibiotics, which usually pushes the weight gain, but they’re just not gaining weight the last few days. They have a checkup today and maybe we’ll learn something.

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Happy Cat, Sad Eyes

They’re doing well now. Pine’s eyelids are angled in such a way he looks sad, but he was pretty happy here.

Some of them eat kibble now, which is good. I need to pick up more canned food.


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Mostly Good

Since everyone got on antibiotics (1 dose for most) it has been good–good digestion, more play, better poop and in the litter box. But just now Oak barfed–very clear, but I don’t know why.

They are very ready for wand toys now. Someone hissed at them a lot at first but most were thrilled.

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Outside, Looking In

Woolly remains fascinated and annoyed by having kittens here. She is jealous, but has finally got Commodore to play with her, so it’s not all bad. With the kittens being sick, she really does not get to join in.

The kitten getting antibiotics got better and the others got worse, so now everyone is on antibiotics. It was the last day of the ponazuril meds, so it will be 12 syringes of meds each day for the litter, instead of today’s 18. They got better remarkably fast. Not perfect, but no more poops in odd spots and much less runny. Willow did a very artistic spiral poop. Pooping by the door got so popular, I did a small barrier of cardboard to give it a time out.

They also gave me some bitter apple liquid to apply to try to make them not suck each others penises. The spray nozzle on the bottle doesn’t work, but a cotton ball is more accurate anyhow.

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Worse and Better

Yesterday, Oak barfed a few times and had lost about an ounce, and all the kittens have liquid poop, so I called in and got them all an vet checkup. Oak gets azithromycin, and everyone gets ponazuril and panacur. When we got home, two more kittens barfed. Nothing diagnosed, but those fight most problems.

Today, most still have loose poop, but less often and no barfing, and better eating. Their play is more active, although that could be because the heat wave ended.

When healthy, 6 is not a big litter. But I notice the number when trying to keep up with their output and 13 syringes of medicine. Input is easier because they eat food.

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