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Half Gone

Three of them got adopted today: Birch, Oak, and Maple. When I went to get them for the evening, only 2 names had been crossed off, so I checked extra carefully. On the white board of recent adoptions I saw 3 of them listed, so it was okay.

They have been fascinated with my bag since they’ve been able to get on the shelf, so I brought it down so they could investigate it thoroughly. The dangly straps may be the best part though, not the crawling inside.

If the rest are not all adopted Sunday, I am not sure if I take them home and someone else gets them Tuesday: I will be away Wednesday through Sunday.

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Fuzzy Tails

Someone crashed into the carrier and they all went on fuzzy alert. Soon, they’ll all be in the carrier and off to a boring or very interesting day.

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Feeling No Pain

They had their surgeries today. I put the tower on its side so they don’t climb and it’s at least as good as the other position. It’s like a one direction hamster ball plus log rolling exercise. They are very active and a little clumsy, but Willow, the girl who had the harder surgery, jumped neatly onto my shoulder when I was scooping the litter box.

The other lack of pain is me when they jump on me: their claws are all trimmed very short.

Willow and Cedar are batting the water: Cedar acts a little freaked out by it.


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Growly Boy

Oak is currently obsessed with the feather-bell mobile. He keeps trying to take it elsewhere in the room, and for a long time he was advertising how great it was by growling.

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Clown Car

They went to their check-up and shots vet visit crammed into one tiny carrier. I forgot how crowded it was 2 weeks ago. Today I really had to layer them in. We got a bigger crate for the trip home.

Maple just crossed the 2-pound mark today. Surgeries next week.

They’re getting way too competent to stay here.

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Just Being Cute

All but Maple are at weight, but no one is scheduled for surgery this week.

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Not as cute as photos, but here’s their growth chart. Even little Maple should be at weight next week.

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Repose Pose Post

They’re all continuing to do well. Keeping them in the room is a challenge.

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Five’s A Crowd

The sixth one was busy with the litterbox.

Current trajectory, they may all be at weight in a little over a week.

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Cat Magnet

They’ve been going through food and litter quite rapidly, so they got a new toy: the empty litter bag. I cut a few holes in it and put a box in to hold it open, and it was very popular.


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