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Why Choose 1 Photo

Budd and Beatrix are doing well. Budd’s not been gaining weight still, but he’s happy and playful and does eat and digest. He’s just under a pound.

Beatrix has no problem getting bigger. She’s nearly given up the bottle.

Oh, I almost forgot the earlier pictures where I tried to pose them on my kitten memorial pumpkin.

These are not squash-loving kittens so they were not impressed.


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Mostly self-feeding. Budd’s been doing this more often, and rarely wants the bottle. Beatrix often needs a finger-offering to start, but she’s figuring it out. She does enjoy the bottle a few times a day, and given the history, I’m indulging her more than I otherwise might.

We’re having what has become our standard California Autumn Air: dangerous levels of particulates from nearby wild fires. The air cleaner that came too late last year is now in use. Indoors, it’s not too bad and we haven’t had the power cut off. We’re outside fire danger zones, but are near some big trees so the winds are still a concern. These guys are now big and healthy enough to deal with no heat–and the weather is not yet cold.

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Beatrix and Budd

Beatrix and Budd have been eating, sleeping, and playing a lot.

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O-Ren Passed Also

Peacefully, at home. Beatrix and Budd are doing well, eating well.


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Elle Had Pneumonia

Elle rallied a little after the vet trip Tuesday, but then was in worse shape. She started hating anything near her face–tube or bottle or food. She had some spunk and fight, but was obviously hurting and failing to digest. I didn’t think she’d make it to the vet’s this morning. She did, but we all agreed that putting her down made sense.

The other three continue their roller coaster, eating or not eating, playing or not. O’ren is marginal and looking rather down, but he drank KMR this morning. Budd and Beatrix are happy and playing currently.

Budd got over his fear of the colorful fleece ribbon.


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Three of Four Playing

Everyone has had their eating and non-eating days. Beatrix spent 2 days mostly sleeping. But now three out of four are feeling good enough to play.

Little Elle couldn’t afford non-eating times because she’s always been the smallest. She was slipping into the “never eat” mode. So I took her to the vet this morning. She has antibiotics now and got subcutaneous fluids and stomach tube feeding. I’ve done one more tube feeding so far. She objected more to their doing it, which was nice for me. She’s continued to come out to watch whenever something is happening, and after the first treatment even consented to take a few bites of food. But she still weighs less than a week ago, so she gets treatments.

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A Little More Appetite, A Little More Play

They’re beginning to wrestle each other and tap toys. They’re eating more reliably. The bottle is less popular, which is good because they made a lot of holes in one of the nipples.

And some creative napping.

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Cat Spill

Actually, earlier I had just given fresh babycat canned food. This evening I found a can of the “chicken soup for the soul–kitten” and all but Elle decided it was great. Even Beatrix, who has not wanted anything but the bottle, thought it was pretty good. And she didn’t like fresh chicken.

They did explore and play a bit more as the day progressed, but the easy pictures are when they’re sleeping.

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Small Problems

Their digestion (i.e. poop) is good now, when they eat. Unfortunately, they don’t much want to eat. Beatrix still likes a bottle and she is gaining, mostly. She has a lot of ear gunk and a scab at the base, so she may have ear mites or something. I can’t tell if she sleeps more because she’s less lonely being with the others, or is feeling poorly.

The others, perhaps I’ll call them the Smalls for now, mostly don’t want a bottle. They’re iffy about baby cat canned food. I offered a bit of Ironman’s “chicken soup for the soul: kitten” brand and Elle liked it enough to eat a bit on her own. I also boiled up some chicken thighs and the Smalls mostly like that, most of the time, but not enough to self-start, or eat the canned food under it.

They do occasionally come out and dash around, but I think less than before. It’s been not quite a week so there’s a lot for them to adjust to.

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I got permission to blend the KillBills together. Beatrix approves of the bed. The first thing the other did was eat the food in her bowl. Beatrix is the only one currently liking the bottle. The others are getting into food.

My friend came over to play fiddle tunes and Beatrix was scampering about. She was kind of step-dancing to one of the fast reels.

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