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They Are Cats

After eating, they decided to play a while outside the cage zone. Then they all trundled off to bed–until I closed the gate on them. Then they wanted back out. So the gate is open and they’re all in bed.

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Milling About

This must have been after a bottle or they’d be climbing me and clawing at each other. They walk well now and sometimes tap things. The litter box is still aspirational.

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Fierce Judge

I kind of like the impression of motion the camera gets. Judge was having some happy time on his back with belly scritches after some litter box training. They’re all beginning to get the idea of what should happen in the litter box and that I’m not really needed for that.

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Ruth Poses

They are becoming more social, especially Ruth and Judge, coming out to be petted and cuddled. Ruth is so round she rolls when on her back.

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Changing Colors

You can see Thurgood is changing color.

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Thursday, After Lunch

They’ve been pretty happy campers lately. There’s a start at using the litterbox. But earlier Ruth was happy at the bottle while pooping, on Judge’s head or I might not have noticed.

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Justice Served

Justice didn’t want to go to bed: he wanted to wander and then enjoyed some scritches.

They seem to be pretty healthy now. They know when they need to poop, but don’t use the litterbox yet: they just go outside the bed and wander about. Soon they’ll have it figured out.

Also, a couple times last night I found Judge and Ruth outside the enclosure. The gate was still latched. I think they climbed the fencing to get above the cardboard blocking them from going through the fence. I put a second layer of cardboard on the inside of the fence._

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Much Better Now

The meds have worked: no more jet-propulsion pooping. They have decent appetites and digest the food.

I have them fenced into the under-table space and block the grid so they don’t walk through it. I did not block one spot that is not accessible when the gate is closed. So yesterday, when they were wandering about with the gate open, Judge walked partway through the normally inaccessible hole and got stuck. I was able to free him in pretty short order. It is now blocked.


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Movement Daze

There has been a heck of a lot of poop lately, much of it very loose and fast. I finally got them meds today. They are aware when they need to poop and step away from the others and yell. They have been strong and active throughout.

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Moving Day

I took Mojito et al to the shelter for their next foster adventure, cleaned like crazy, and moved the little guys in under the table. The rightmost grey furball is a fur ball, not a kitten. Ruth and Judge are cuddled against it. The grey in the carrier is Thurgood’s butt. Justice is somewhere in there too. They all have at least partly open eyes. I removed the door to the carrier: they keep getting stuck in the hinge side of it. But without a door, at first they thought it must be mealtime.

They all have had some gastric distress followed by getting well. Judge is still having trouble, but is acting strong. If he’s not good tomorrow, I will seek some help.

Our home cats may eventually realize that our bedroom is without kittens and that they can be in there without hissing. Maybe.

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