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Creative Sleeping Sculptures

They are very relaxed. They get some shots tomorrow and fixed the week after. They likely will all be two pounds by Wednesday, but the schedule for fixings is full this coming week.

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Cape, Not Toga

This is Ebony, lit by my stand light. And then, with zoom feature:

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Togo Cat

During fire season, this was my “to go” bag, hanging on the wall. I believe this is Oscuro on it: he had only been climbing it when I wasn’t in the room, and jumping down before I could take a picture. The bag is also my commuter computer bag, or my music and stand bag when taking BART to Thursday night dance class, but I’ve not been doing either since March.


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Small Cats

All but Chiaro here will be over two pounds by tomorrow. Chiaro will probably get there by mid-week. They love canned food and kibble, drink water, and use the litter box well. They will graduate soon.

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Kitty Theater

I’ve been finding ways to change up the room. The curtain-blanket fort will be temporary, but it makes a nice backdrop.

The older kitten cat food is being changed from the Chicken Soup brand to a different one. So I’m kind of double transitioning. They are digesting well despite it all.

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Clean Feet

Chiaro’s feet are easier for him to clean because he mostly manages the litter box better.

They are finally all gaining weight well. They’ll be 7 weeks old tomorrow and within days Oscuro will be two pound. The lightest, Chiaro, may be two pounds at 8 weeks. I’m starting to mix the older kitten canned food into their meals. They suddenly all enjoy kibble.

Their little room heater died last night. They have one heating pad that stays on and a warmer one that only stays on for 2 hours. They did fine. This morning I disassembled the heater and must have set the switches wires on better or knocked off some corrosion, but it works now. I learned a little more on how it works. The thermostat clicks on and off when you change the dial, even when there is no power.


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Of Milk and Bottles

Not that it relates to the picture, but they don’t get bottles any more–it was too much yelling and climbing and desperation. They still get a morning and evening dose of kmr, but now I just pour it into bowls and they can all drink at the same time. They nag a lot for it. Chiaro, the one on the left above, is so crazy about bottles that he starts going for the eyedrop medicine bottle. Ace, the one on the right, has had eye gunk, although this should be the last day treating it. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow. They had their last dose of Panacur today, so tomorrow should be medicine-free.


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Zoom View

This is pretty much the view you get when I’m on zoom, generally with a fiddle, kitten optional.

They have been very hungry and very tidy today, and everyone gained weight.

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Step In Your Poop Day

Looking innocent here. Ace, who has the world’s most perfect poops, managed to plant a back foot in it while pivoting on said foot, and digging, occasionally shaking that back foot. I guess he envied the others for the washings they’ve been getting. And the pipe cleaners etcetera behind him are behind him, not hanging him.

They do seem to be getting better, the less-than-perfect poopers.

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3/4 Case

Actually, it is a full size case, but one kitten of the four hopped out before I got a good picture.

They had continued to have loose poops and not gain weight, so now everyone is on ponazuril and panacur, the generic “this should fix most things” kitten drugs. We shall see.


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