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i have since banded the door latch to retract the bolts so her collar cannot get caught.


The Circus Continues

Here’s a video of the fruits each attacking all. They’re probably 8 weeks old now and likely to reach 2 pounds each by late next week. They are certainly working on it. They seem to have forgotten about bottles. Surgery is tentatively set for next Thursday, May 6th, so with luck, Tulip can move into the big room in a little over a week.

Tulip is also diligent about gaining weight. I finally draped a heavy towel over the edge of the tub so she can climb out to explore. She actually scampers a bit now, and jumps over things.

Caught The Tongue

Caught the little pink tongue! On camera that is.

This is an after-snack lick. She also licks me, or the wall, or anything nearby when hungry, as if she were in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.


Not All Black

Tulip has gotten a lot of white details. It could be from having been sick, or it could just be the patterns developing as she grows. She continues to eat and drink well, play with

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Singleton Now

Despite the extra antibiotic and subcutaneous fluids, Gardenia kept sinking, getting weak, cold, and occasionally pained. So I called the shelter and they had me take her to Berkeley Dog and Cat to be put down.

Tulip continues to eat well and be bouncy and happy. She’s up to 300 grams now (about 11 ounces). She definitely loves being out of the tub, although there is not a lot of bathroom to explore. It’s about the amount of space she’d have in the under-table spot, but it’s boring. (video)

The Tropical Fruits continue to do well–much quieter without Pawpaw’s rougher play. They had the usual weaning lack of weight gain, but I think that is finally changing.

Meanwhile, my PC’s fan needs fixing and it will be fixed, but I’m getting a little used to the apple laptop. It has a tiny keyboard and I keep hitting wrong keys.


Grab Bag of News

Pawpaw got adopted today. I saw him this morning when I took Gardenia in and Pawpaw patted my face. He is now living with someone who has another cat.

The littles are learning to make do without a bottle. They’re finally starting to clean their plates and not stare pointedly at the chair where I last gave them bottles. I had to be out of reach, on the chair with my legs up to keep from being swarmed, and some of them were getting good at jumping and pulling up anyhow.

The reason I took Gardenia in to the shelter was that she had stopped even swallowing food and formula. I started tube-feeding her last night, and she got a little spunkier, but not great. She is now trying a 2nd antibiotic plus subcutaneous fluids and larger amounts of tube feeding. At one point, she did swallow so I skipped the tube, but it was not a permanent improvement.

Tulip is basically a tiny cat. Most of the time, she goes to the litter box as needed, sometimes she eats canned food on her own, she’ll almost always eat canned food from a finger, and she nurses well on the bottle. She now demands time outside the bathtub to wander about. She has fierce claws, plenty of room for tummy expansion,, and for whatever reason, a slightly chopped tail. She also has some decorative white fur under her chin and on her front legs. This may be from being sick and may change over the years.


Doing Okay

Tulip is even self-starting on food. She also takes a little from the bottle. She is starting to get the idea of the litter box. She’s doing pretty well, catching up to her age-related skills.

Gardenia is more marginal. Her left eye gunked up overnight. The shelter got me the eye meds the kittens had been on and we’ve restarted that. She drinks less and eats less than Tulip, but does some of each so there’s a good chance she’ll pull through. She has some spunk again, which she was low on yesterday evening.

[Hand is in the pictures for scale.]

Pawpaw is off getting fixed. He’ll stay through Saturday with an adoption event. If not adopted, I’ll get him back Saturday late afternoon. The staff was concerned that unfixed kittens have a tendency of picking at the fixed one’s surgery site. It would be nice to have him back this afternoon, but I cannot stay with them full time, so this is fewer trips for me to make.


Spring Flowers

Tulip (black) and Gardenia (tabby), both girls, are now settled in the downstairs bathtub, with a layer of dry ice foil bubble bags, heating pads, towels, and a warmie. They have been in the system 2 weeks so are near 3 weeks old, but have not been gaining. The shelter decided two of the siblings were just not responding to any help, so put them down. They had been first with a newish foster person, then a 4th year vet student, and I’m their 3rd human mom. They don’t seem to care who is holding the bottle.

These girls ate a decent amount, peed and pooped nicely, rolled over for tummy rubs, and went back to sleep.

I wear an apron with them, and wash well before leaving. I decided the tropical fruit boys really don’t need bottles–they still get some KMR but they can all drink at one time from bowls. Anyhow, I boiled the bottles and the new girls get those, with a new brand of formula, Foster Care.


Tail Master

Jambuli loves his tail (video).

Probably some baby pictures later: I pick them up around 1:30 and I have some zoom classes after.


How to Catch Your Own Tail

Akebi also has Jambuli’s trick of sitting on his tail to reach and catch it. (This is a video). Pawpaw has to climb up for kisses.

I will likely be getting a sickly set of tinies tomorrow, who will reside in the downstairs bathtub. They are 3 kittens that are maybe 2 weeks old and not gaining well. Pawpaw gets fixed Friday and probably will get adopted over the weekend. The littles will be 8 weeks old at the end of next week and may be at weight by then.

Also, how did kittens manage before cardboard and plastic mesh?


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