Monthly Archives: May 2021


Since I have been washing her eyelids, and continuing the ointment, Blimpie’s eyes are finally looking good.

Tulip is finally gaining back her weight and having excellent poops.

Mr. Pickles however is on a different antibiotic and seems to have regressed. The shaking is stronger and his legs seem weaker. We shall see what tomorrow brings, and it may be another vet visit.


Cuddle and Bite

Blimpie wants to be cuddled and to attack Mr. Pickles. They are finally winding down now. Blimpie is no longer a shy cat, although he does get startled sometimes.

Tulip is still having digestive problems. I am hoping the new meds make a positive change soon. She seems better than yesterday.


Another Pickle Video

Mr. Pickles continues to improve his moves. Unfortunately, Tulip has had more digestion issues. I have a whole bunch of new meds for the two of them.

Blimpie no longer flinches when approached and is fine with visitors.


New Spot

I moved the tackle box to be a foot rest that leaves my legs a little lower so the lap to laptop jump is a little harder. That opened up a gap under the green cylinder that has been fascinating. When Blimpie was a scaredy cat, this would not have been good: she would have hidden and probably pooped there. Now she’s pretty confidant, jumps on my lap, doesn’t hide when visitors come, and would only use the litter box.

Tulip has a little digestive issue: messy poop. It’s not slowing her down but I try to check before letting her on my lap.

Mr. Pickles is improving daily. He still sneezes some, but he runs and plays. He’s a little shaky, but is learning how to get around and do things even when his back legs are a little wonky. He is starting to climb things.


Mr. Pickles Eventually Chases the Toy

At around 1:20 in the video, Mr. Pickles finally takes chase.

I have seen Blimpie jump directly onto this chair, but only while chasing a toy. She doesn’t know she can do it.


Vet Visit

The vet had been thinking spay/neuter this week but agreed the eyes and Mr. Pickles’s issues would block that. Also, Tulip is not 2 pounds yet. Nor is Mr. Pickles, but as a boy his surgery is simpler.

Mr. Pickles was worse than the vet had last seen, but she believed me when I said he was much better than earlier in the week. Probably we’ll just aim for curing his congestion, which has improved, and assuming he has cerebellar hypoplasia.


Mr. Pickles Is Active Tonight

After not doing much other than eating and sleeping today, Mr. Pickles got active tonight and joined the play. He still is shaky but is moving better than earlier. Still, tomorrow afternoon he gets a checkup.

Meanwhile, Blimpie is working on high jumps. She’s also smart, remembering alternate routes to high places. She might become a good circus cat. It won’t be long before she’s jumping onto the desk, sewing machine, and table, if she thinks of trying it.


Cuddle Puddle

Sometimes, they’re all together. And sometimes they share eye infections. Blimpie’s eye got goopy again and Tulip’s started being gunky so they both get eye ointment. This photo is a good shot of eye goop.

Mr. Pickles is more often on his own, napping. His symptoms have not improved. There will be a vet visit tomorrow.


Hanging Around

Blimpie insisted that the hanging wreath needed to be down–she cut it down once and was pulling on it like a terrier when I hung it up by the yarn again. Anyhow, there was the Verizon bag with 2 sturdy cut handles. So I made a sort of swing. I had to enlarge the entrance hole on the side because Tulip didn’t trust a hole small enough to bend whiskers. Blimpie was first in, jumping in through the top or using the side hole. Mr. Pickles was last in, being slower and more cautious.

I don’t know that Mr. Pickles’ tremors are any better. His snuffles are almost gone. His back legs are not very strong: good enough to play but not to leap and kick.


Slow-Mo and Shading

I tried my phone’s slow motion video–it highlights Blimpie’s grace and makes the bead-and-streamers look elegant.

Also a picture of Mr. Pickles, who has the most elegant shading. He’s less snuffly, but still some shaking. He’s feeling better though and in the evening active mode.