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Usually it is Taffy who has the fluff ball, but Cotton Candy has it and is very proud. There is a little growling.


Busy Kittens

They get a vet checkup today, later. They may sleep a lot this afternoon, but for now, they are just busy.


More Pictures

Just more pictures, nothing new happening. The kittens are pretty happy and healthy, just a bit annoyed if they hear me downstairs instead of keeping them company.


Odd View

It is easy to see this as an upside-down face, or a gnome mask. Cotton Candy, just looking strange.


Drinking Buddies

I used flash, but also I think the lighter colors are getting more space as they grow. Taffy is over 2 pounds now, and 6 weeks by their estimate, 7 by mine. They get vaccines this Thursday, and maybe fixed the following week. Cotton Candy has stayed pretty steadily 200 grams lighter than Taffy, so we’ll see.

I’ve started adding some of the older kitten canned food to their meals. I think they don’t care what it is, they just want lots to eat.


NOT a Shelter Profile Picture

The shelter prefers pictures where the kittens look alive, but Cotton Candy is so comfortable, both for herself and as a pillow for Taffy. It’s been a sleepy day today. It may be less calm when the storm hits. Over 3 inches is predicted for Berkeley, which is not at all common for us.


Kittens and Knitting

So far, they have just tangled themselves in the yarn, and not chewed through it. And I’ve kept my circular needles safe this time. So far.

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PomPom and Shadows

Taffy was a little distracted by the unusual shadows, because I had added a light down low.

They are both doing well and gaining weight. They are now done with their antibiotics.


Oooo, sock!

Like most kittens and cats, Cotton Candy is a connoisseur of smells and socks are high on the list.



They both enjoy belly rubs. Most of their lighter colors are on their bellies and faces.