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Photo Burst: Leg Washing

These are very tidy kittens.

At this point, it’s looking like Matcha will reach weight after the 9th, which is fine. They’re good company. They are just starting to get curious about the door and Beyond, and they are not big on jumping so desk tops are out of reach.


Wrestling Match

The kittens got checked over yesterday, and the magic anti-tapeworm shot. They seem to be fine, although Matcha could be gaining more weight. I’m giving him a little pro-biotic and some of the Nutri-cal strengthening goop, just like Tigger enjoyed.



After seeing what was maybe a roundworm in Matcha’s poop yesterday, I got some oral meds for them today. Tomorrow, they get a shot for tapeworm probably. The sample I bring in with them may make a difference.

Later, they got to join in a zoom call.

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Active Kittens

Another video. Jasmine and Matcha really are good playmates. Jasmine even lets Matcha eat now, without taking over whichever plate he’s working on. They’ve learned to climb the tall chair castle and how to get on the desk chair from the access to the old fiddle case. They are very happy with the older kitten kibble. They are excellent at the litter box, although burying is not a priority. They have all their skills and just need to be a week older and 12 ounces heavier (9 ounces for Jasmine, and her weight is more important).

….5 hours later: there are live worms in Matcha’s poop, maybe not tapeworm. I’ve written the shelter and they should get treated tomorrow. I took a picture, but only sent it to them: I won’t post it here.


Cuddly Buddies

They are really good buddies, even if Jasmine is pushy about eating all the food. They both are likely to reach 2 pounds the first full week of January.

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Jasmine looks particularly punk with her whisker trim. She now enjoys the fiddle case as much as Matcha.

I’m not sure why it looks like 2 fangs on her top right, but I think that a molar behind is masquerading as a fang.



Commie and Woolly have been playing together and hanging out together.

Matcha likes the fiddle case a lot. Jasmine has been in it but is not impressed.


Short Whiskers

Jasmine’s whiskers are suddenly trimmed very short. No problems with Matcha’s. I assume he was augmenting his diet. He is just a smidge under a pound now, but because both kittens also eat kibble, I’m no longer doing the 2 a.m. feeding and checking.


Better Again

Jasmine is feeling better and digesting better again. She weighs over a pound now. Matcha is holding steady at about two ounces lighter than his sister.



Matcha is starting to purr more readily. His left ear is almost always itchy. I did clean his face better after this. They are still getting eye ointment so their faces are a little greasy.

Jasmine has been having looser poop. I gave her a little probiotic because maybe it’s just the antibiotic bugging her–2 more days of it. They’re scheduled for vaccinations Friday, but if it’s not better tomorrow, I may try to get them seen sooner.

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