Monthly Archives: January 2022

New Horizons Soon

They get some shots tomorrow and should be up for adoption this weekend. My husband finally tested negative, but given the lack of symptoms and how little contact he has with the kittens, I think the shelter was going to consider it okay anyhow.

Matcha has learned to leap from my back to the table, but having the window and sewing machine to climb has helped with their urge to explore new places. Soon, kids, soon it will all be new.



Video with constant purring.

They really enjoy being snugged up in my jacket.

Jasmine’s whiskers have grown enough to look good again, though still shorter than Matcha’s. The ends taper now.



I gave them window access for a while today. Matcha has been intent suddenly on getting out of the room. I rattled a piece of paper as I entered once and that scared him across the room. He has been rushing the door less, for a while.

Jasmine has been leaping from the green cylinder to the desk, so I removed it and made a stair to the fiddle case out of other things. It works and the desk is kitten-free for another short while.


Longer Stay=More Photos

Jasmine, looking oddly put together.

And Matcha, being cozy.

I keep them through next week, regardless of Bob’s test-taking skills, as long as the kittens seem healthy and I test negative.


Floppy Fish Toy

The Floppy Fish Toy is a gift from a friend. Some kittens are horrified by it. These guy have been scared of a number of things–a spinning top, my toe moving, bubbles–but scared in a sort of fun way. They get over it and are proud. The floppy fish is something they can deal with. It doesn’t always trigger (and I can turn it off) and it’s not aggressive, just startling. If it on the floor it sounds like someone is knocking so I try to have some padding under it.


Good Buddies

The surgery shave exaggerates the arch. After a stretch, Jasmine went back to Matcha’s ear. He has a suffering-through-it look, but generally is purring.



Jasmine can leap very gracefully. These weren’t the biggest leaps, but for 3 days after abdominal surgery, they’re pretty good. Matcha is not interested in leaping.



They are living the good life, cuddling together. Jasmine is showing how nicely her incision is healing, her pretty aqua tattoo, her shaved look, and her little black toe beans. Matcha is showing how he can be a good pillow.


Will You Accept Cheeses?

I gave them a snibbit of cheese today. They were fascinated by the smell, but not about to bite it.

Turns out I keep them longer. My husband tested positive for covid and cats can get it. So far, I’m negative and neither of us have been any sicker than a cold.


Regaining Their Chill

They have officially regained their chill. The sutures look good and the kittens are just purring in the fiddle case. I cleaned and refilled their footbath-drinking water bowl. I’ve checked the “Available Cats” section of the shelter website: they’re not up yet, and there is only the bonded adult pair, Betty and White, so far.