Monthly Archives: March 2022

Two in Good Shape

The two healthy ones are very active and enjoy exploring the room. They both eat on their own now. Everyone has some fleas, which I have been combing out.

Happy is very subdued. He’ll swallow formula but not suck. If the drugs don’t work their miracles by tomorrow, we will be visiting the vet.

But here is a video of the healthy ones:


Happy, Joy, and Glee

My first kittens of the year: Happy, an underweight siamese-y kitten, Joy, a black and white, and Glee a dark grey tabby. The shelter had thought they were getting two kittens, but Happy was added. He’s about half the weight of the others and has just started meds. He’s a little more subdued than them, but has climbed to the top of the carrier. He also served as a step up for Glee.

Glee is a good eater. They all have lots of teeth, but there’s formula and bottles available. They are friendly and eager to explore. Joy is the only girl.

Woolly came down the loft ladder and was shocked and horrified that there were kittens again.