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Encouraging New Spaces

I put tape on the plastic ramp to help Birch, and today I propped the bottom end so it’s less steep. Then I enticed him up with the mardi-gras beads. He did pretty well. I also took a shot from below.

This is Birch and Ginkgo’s 2nd day without any antibiotic and neither is showing any new problems. The others will get their 2nd vaccinations early next week. The girls are a lot lighter than the boys and may delay fixing long enough that they can all go together. The girls started smaller and have a shallower growth curve: they also had no antibiotics other than the eye ointment.


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Rowdy Play

The kittens continue to do well. Linden needs to gain weight, but other health signs are good. They no longer go after each others’ butts. [edit: wrote too soon. Ginkgo still goes for Birch’s butt.] Birch actually runs, and climbs into one of the under-chair slings. Baobab has a path where he can get to the window, but it’s tricky and he fell once, so he’s a little cautious.

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My Vaccines

I got my 2nd covid19 booster (Moderna) and the first of 2 shingles shots today. Lying flat on the floor is a doable and kitten-approved activity.

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Got A Plan

They had another vet visit today, and got a bigger carrier. The vet decided to keep the normies on a regular vaccine and neutering schedule and give Ginkgo and Birch a little extra time to get stronger and better. Linden needs to catch up on weight, and she is working on it, but there were effects from a week without weight gain after they stopped taking bottles. I will be nagging around for anyone up for adopting a handicapped kitten. They eat and sleep and use the litter box fine, they just are not going to be able to be outdoors, nor around prey-driven dogs. If you want a cat that doesn’t hop up on the table, they may be just the kittens for you. Stairs may be a problem, but less so as they get bigger.

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Quiet Morning

Things are going pretty well. I am trying to get their faces cleaner, but some crud has settled in.

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Another Video of Play

Birch does tip over a lot, but he has also pounced a few times. Ginkgo is wild and just moves fast enough to not fall I think.

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Album Cover

Except that it’s missing Linden. Linden is fine now and back to gaining weight. My worries about making it easy to get up to the case were supported by having Birch and I think Teak roll out and go clunk.

Birch has been held up by getting his claws caught in things. He’s getting around pretty well even on the floor, so I finally trimmed his front claws.

To prove to Ginkgo that he could indeed drink from a bowl, I boiled a chicken thigh to make broth. They are all quite competent at drinking and have no need to go after each others’ butts. But they like it.

Litter box compliance has been better for a day.


Case Access

I didn’t want an easy way to the fiddle case, because I think the Wobblies might fall in a non-safe way. But I made a tricky path from sewing machine case to chair to shelf and showed Baobab. He and Linden now go up there a lot.

The Wobblies are much stronger and more competent than a week ago. I am thinking they probably could face vaccines again, and the other normal foster cat stuff.

I am having a few issues with this litter. Most of the time they use the litter box, but they also are thrilled to sneak off to odd corners or the doorway and make messes. There is some butt sucking, mostly by Ginkgo, and much of that can be stopped by squirting some water in his mouth. I am also adding water to the food dishes, trying to make him learn how to lap more acceptable drinks.

Everyone but Linden is gaining weight. Linden is busy and not unhappy, but not over the post-weaning slump yet.



Just a video of typical morning play, everyone attacking anyone. They’re all asleep now.

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Still Dubious

Despite all the gains I see, and they acknowledge, the Berkeley Humane staff has doubts about the future for Birch and Ginkgo. They are not sure about vaccinations and fixing, which are required. I hope that as they get bigger and stronger, they can cope with things better.

Meanwhile, they apparently don’t react to things approaching their eyes. I figured I could test for vision with a laser pointer–no clue but the light. Even the normies are not greatly fascinated by the light, but each of the 5 has taken some swats at it. So, it may be more of a reaction than a vision thing, or even a vision processing issue, or they may just clam up at the vets.

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