Another Vet Day

02 Aug

I think everyone got anti-parasite meds, but only Baobab and the girls got vaccines. Everyone slept all afternoon anyhow. Teak got an antibiotic prescription for the snuffles she’s had: it had been getting better, but slowly. She’ll probably gain weight faster than her sister now.

Ginkgo seems nearly normal now. His back legs splay out a bit and he has an odd pose in the litter box, but I was remembering how hard it was to orient him and Birch for using the litter box when they were learning. They twisted around so hard, it took two hands to hold them in a useful position. Now they all are good at, and good about, using the litter box.

Birch is braving the red tunnel again. He freaked out yesterday because he couldn’t move well in it. He’s now gently rocking in it. He also does see: he watched bubbles and shadows today, neither of which give any cues but the visual ones. He just doesn’t seem to know how the vision ties in with physical things in places. It could just be depth perception and it could be he’s just a late learner. Vision didn’t help him a lot when he kept flipping over.

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Posted by on August 2, 2022 in 2022 trees


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