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Catchers Keepers

Birch’s favorite thing to do is to march away with this toy and chew on it as long as he can get away with it. Chasing it has improved his mount and dismount from the bed.

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Posted by on September 19, 2022 in Home cats


New Toy


I remembered we had a new feather toy stashed and set it up for Birch. He has not yet fallen off the bed, and he has nearly jumped up onto the bed. Good exercise.

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Posted by on September 16, 2022 in Home cats


Okay So Far

Birch woke up in fine spirits, and unchanged skills so far. He just needed a little reminding of a route up to the chair.

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Posted by on September 15, 2022 in Home cats


2nd Vaccine

Birch had his first vet trip to Berkeley Dog & Cat and got his 2nd FVRCP vaccine. And a treat. He got to look at dogs in the waiting room and didn’t seem bothered by the sight. Now he’s doing his usual afternoon drowsy stuff, washing and napping. If he makes it to tomorrow without ill effect, we can all be relieved.

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Tub Troubles For Commie

Birch no longer needs the milk carton to get into the tub, but he does respect hissing Commodore enough to keep his distance. The adult cats are further oppressed by supply chain issues with their preferred canned food. Birch seems happy with any canned food, so it’s not too wasteful trying out other brands.

Commie is spending most of her time on the front deck, but the best water is apparently in the bowl in the tub.

I took Mottel back to the shelter for someone else to foster. I have 3 more weekends where I’m gone nearly or fully all day. September is a busy month.


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One Peeper

And hardly a peep. Mottel is a very quiet kitten. His right eye is open early because of letting the pus out earlier, to reduce pressure. He is about a week old so it is not way early. Tomorrow he goes to his new foster parent and we will miss him.

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Posted by on September 13, 2022 in 2022 Mottel


Proud Tail High

Mottel is enjoying his little creep-about after a meal and meds. The light patch on his head is a stripe, not his ear, which is the little nubbin further in front.

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Eye Pus Puss

Yesterday morning, Mottel’s umbilical cord came off. Birch was fascinated, but I threw it away.

This morning, his right eye was all swollen. He was going to the shelter for babysitting while I played at the Solano Stroll anyhow, so the timing wasn’t bad. They got him on antibiotics, and probiotics. I have been doing a warm wet compress with each feeding and just before this picture, I was able to coax out a LOT of pus. It is still a little bigger than the left side in the picture. I hope the antibiotic works its magic soon, and so does Mottel: he does not like warm wet compresses.

The shelter has someone else lined up for him starting Wednesday, which is good because I have all-day commitments on the next 3 weekends, starting at stupid-early in the morning. Bob’s fine on feeding and checking on older kittens, but not bottle babies and all the ways they can have problems. I’ll miss him though, and so will Birch. Birch loves watching him eat and worries when I’m dealing with Mottel’s eye.

News Flash! Ginkgo got adopted today, by a couple who thought they were looking to adopt a dog.

Added on News Flash! At the 8:30 feeding, the eye looked normal. Still soaked it. Video below:

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Meet Mottel, as in Fiddler On The Roof’s tailor Motel Kamzoil, but I’m using a double-T to make it not sound like a cheap motel. He’s a few days old and has an impressively long umbilical cord. He will be living in a carrier for a while, then fenced in the under-table area, which gives me time to get Birch moved out of the kitten room.

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It’s Not All About Running Wild

There’s still a lot of napping and cuddling time.

Birch can get over the barricade at half-height. He can get out of the bathtub (but not in yet). If I put something next to it, he can get on the bed.

He gets his first visit to my vet next Thursday, the 15th, along with his 5 pages of medical records.


Posted by on September 9, 2022 in Home cats