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One To Go

 Shiraz and Merlot are spoken for, Malbec got adopted today, so that leaves quiet Chablis still looking.  She’ll be going to Jack London Square for an SPCA adoption event tomorrow.  She probably won’t get much sightseeing done.

Also, I decorated a bottle for Chablis.

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They were lined up like logs before I got my camera out.  This is more graceful.  They get their surgeries tomorrow–maybe all of them.  Merlot may be an ounce under 2 pounds.  We shall see.  I am told I get to take them home for recovery after.  The family Em cat-sits for is getting Merlot (yellow) and Shiraz (orange).

I consider surgery the final exam and adoption=graduation in my foster kitten college.


post snip: they’re pretty clumsy partiers now.  Scratch the ear, fall over, leave the foot in scratching position and stare. Startle, jump, fall over.  Feeling no pain.

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Morning Wrestle

It’s ‘everybody chew on everybody’ time.

I wasn’t quick enough to catch Shiraz jumping on his reflection on the clear plastic ramp, and quickly jumping off and checking underneath the ramp for the ghosty-cat.  I might get another chance.

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The Fuzz Brothers

Sometimes, they pose.

These are social kittens now, responding with a mew when I say ‘hello’, greeting people, purring when held by strangers.  They’ve got their “adopt me” skills

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Friendly Kittens

This gang is now comfortable with more people than just me.  They met a lady who may adopt two of them, they hung out yesterday with Emily and a friend when I wasn’t there, and tonight they ignored 2 fiddlers.  People happen, it’s cool.

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They all can get on the chair now.  Adding the cushion made the transition from scratcher-ramp to seat so much easier.  As usual, Malbec was first–he’d almost made it up before.  And now, even the floppy-legged fuzzy ones (Merlot and Malbec) can jump down from the chair and not clonk their chins.  They’re all getting  into jumping too.

The video is short because I thought I was in snapshot mode.

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Lap Wrestling

Lap wrestling.  With a little bit of foot munching because it’s easier than getting up and going to the food bowl.


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