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In The Cat Cave

Everyone was feeling pretty good this morning, but we checked in with the vet anyhow.  Harley Quinn’s leg seems okay or nearly so; Kabob’s butt is looking less raw.  We’ll see how things come out.  I left Mother Dolma at home and took the small carrier–it’s so much easier.


Creative Positioning

 Harley was limping, not putting weight on her back left foot.  She’s better now, but still subdued.  Kabob has some weird butt problem–it’s pooched  out and she has trouble controlling her poop.  They get to see a vet early tomorrow morning.


Momcat, Retiring

Dolma, the momcat, has found the table a good place to relax and get away.  She still offers nursing, but on her terms.  She also is pretty intent on trying to get out of the room.  I’ve tried making the loft available to her, or the shelf by the window, but she wants the rest of the house.  I don’t know if I keep her until the kittens get spay-neutered, or if she gets to leave early.  Her kids all eat canned and dry food, just supplementing from mom.


Pillow Pals

I think we’re done with bottles.  Dolma is maybe making herself less available too.  Everyone eats canned food and kibble.  Every kitten is gaining weight; I’m not weighing Dolma.

Sometimes Dolma plays too roughly with her kids, at least in Hummas’ opinion.  She’s only a year old, and gets pretty competitive about some toys.  She also would like to check out the rest of the house.

My home cats either don’t know there’s an adult cat in the kitten room, or have decided it makes no difference.

Air quality is better today: we might be able to get some fresher air in the room and today’s vet trip will be nicer if this holds.


Milk Bar

 Harley hasn’t figured out the milk bar, but she does get washed some by mother Dolma..  Everyone likes to play with Dolma’s long, annoyed tail.  Everyone eats too.  Dolma is especially fond of KMR added to the canned food and makes it hard for the kittens to get any.  She also is interested in getting out of the room; whether it’s to explore the house or to get away from the kids, I don’t know.  She can get up on things the kids can’t yet, so it can’t be that bad.

Harley has been enjoying having company, but may be wondering how long they’re planning on staying.  The new kids are used to Dolma cleaning up for them I guess.  They poop in the litterbox, but pee is any pillow, or the bowl I weight them in, or sometimes the litterbox.

They all were very hungry yesterday, but slowed down today.  I’ve never had overweight cats and just provide food as wanted; perhaps the previous foster had more measurements and schedule.  Or it could be a combination of stress and improving health.  Anyhow, all are doing well.



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Stacking Up

I still have Harley upstairs, but we have overnight guests downstairs.  We may try blending the families or they may go to someone else.  They have some health issues so they get a checkup tomorrow morning.  They are named after Greek foods.  They’re still nursing but some not nursing enough so I’m pushing food.  They like it but aren’t as skillful as Harley, yet.

The shelters are all figuring they’ll be full soon as critters are rescued from the fires.

Meanwhile, Saturn and his big sibling are getting used to each other: