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Cat And Mouse

The kittens are no longer on the shelter’s “Available Cats” list: they moved to the “Just Adopted” section having spent less than four hours at the shelter. So here’s a picture of Commie, captivated by the cursor now that we’ve finally loaded Mojave onto our Mac with the big screen.


Adoption Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be their first day for adoption. They were pretty wild yesterday and I needed to keep the cone on Taffy, but today they are just normal and ignore their incisions. They also have caught up on eating.


Home and Starving

It’s the cleanest and the quickest they’ve handled a meal for weeks. Currently, the best toy is the tie for the cones. The scariest thing in the room was my best fiddle, in its case.

Normally, I would break Facebook silence about the kittens and post their availability, but I’m observing the zucker boycott. They will be listed here soon:

Bonus video from yesterday:


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Look Who Is Finally Big Enough

Taffy is now even comfortably heavier than two pounds. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

And for a less demure pose:

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Doorway Greetings

If I am slow to come into the room, say because I decide to take a picture, they have to come to the door and loudly convince me to enter.

Had surgery been scheduled for today, Cotton Candy might have been heavy enough: only 7 grams short of the target instead of 36 grams.


Surgery Postponed

Cotton Candy weighed less this morning than yesterday morning, despite my bringing breakfast in earlier. They like to eat a little, play, eliminate, then get around to eating more. Everyone is healthy, but with Cotton at an ounce under 2 pounds, they won’t do surgery until next week. One tech was thinking they’d just do Taffy, who is over 2.5 pounds, but was reminded that would mean one kitten in a cone and the other unimpeded. So they both just had a morning trip and a return to the remainder of breakfast.

They are also restarting Friday on-site adoptions, so we are hoping they can have their surgeries earlier in the week than Thursday, to allow the girls more recuperation time.



[video, which for some reason is not auto-loading.]

The tube has not been played with a lot, back in a far corner. So I put it at an angle with the chair and it became a launching chute.


Looking Cute

They’re just being good kitties and looking cute, keeping busy. Cotton Candy needs to gain a few ounces to be ready for surgery Thursday.



Usually it is Taffy who has the fluff ball, but Cotton Candy has it and is very proud. There is a little growling.


Busy Kittens

They get a vet checkup today, later. They may sleep a lot this afternoon, but for now, they are just busy.