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More Hamish


I’m told he’s 4.5 pounds big now and gazing in awe at Ghost’s tail.  Ghost is his big sister cat.  He no longer looks like a hamster, and has many names.



img_20161213_221726Hammie does get to run around but he’s very happy being held a lot.  When one of the older household cats swats him, he just scampers off to examine somehing else.


Hammie At Home

img_3850 At Hammie’s forever home, that is.  He’s pretty relaxed, unless he’s left alone in a room.img_3823


Lonely Boy

img_20161130_211401If no one is in the room but he’s heard someone anywhere in the last 10 minutes, Gorgon cries and cries. If someone comes in, he’s all over them for quite a while, but eventually can play with things while not being held.  Here, he’s playing with the pull string for a light.  He really needs a companion animal.



img_20161128_145434Hammie will be off with his family later this afternoon, leaving poor Gorgon to be a solo kitten.  It will be his first time alone other than Sunday after Demi got adopted.  I hope that this Friday he gets lucky.


The Shadow

img_20161127_115547Hammie still loves to chase shadows.  El got adopted yesterday.  While Gorgon and Demi are out being available today, I gave Hammie nearly the run of the upstairs.  He alternates between being very excited and racing about to snuggling on the bed.  He has been very determined to get out of the kitten room.

I just added a video:

And Demi got adopted today, so today Gorgon and Hammie can keep each other company, but Gorgon will be solo most of next week.


All Still Here

img_20161125_194640None of mine got adopted today. Hammie had a quiet day at home until I left to pick up the others.  As soon as I was out of the room, he started crying loudly.  My husband got home before me and kept him company until I got back with the Stranger Things litter.  Then, when I brought the crew some turkey broth, Hammie escaped the room to go exploring without me noticing for a while.