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img_20161009_212317Hammie was really enjoying ear skritches and belly rubs this evening.  He had a slowdown on bottle feeding, so I emphasized food for a bit.  He is back on the bottle now.  He is making litterbox progress:  he acts like he needs to go, I place him in a litterbox, and sometimes he pees or poops.

The Storm litter now has open ears and a tendency for constipation.  The boy has a thing for sucking on Emily’s hand.  As long as I bring bottles frequently, they don’t suck on each other.


Storm and Dung

img_20161008_161300The little storm kittens continue to be troopers.  They are not in synch on feeding and waking times, but they all eat eventually.  Amd often. They’re getting more social too.

Hammie had to poop while one of the stormers was mid-poop, so he pooped on his own.  Not in a litter box, but still a step towards independence.  Later, when placed in the box, he started digging, and pooped again.  After I cleaned him and the box, he went back to dig some more: instinctive burying.  He also enjoys chewing chicken, although I need to place it in his mouth.  He’s turning into a cat.



img_20161007_141441The Storm kittens eat first and more often, but Hammie gets more lap time and room privileges.  I’ve started him on a bit of chicken and oat bran.  He’d been a little constipated but last night he pooped so much he had his first day without a weight gain.img_20161007_143415

He’s also learning how to be a pill bug.


Side Show

img_20161006_111923I’m subbing the Storm kittens for another foster, until Tuesday.  I’m told they’re 2 weeks old, but they’re so much tinier than Hammie at not quite 3 weeks.  They are good little suckers, at bottles and each other.  I’m hoping a bigger space gives them more personal space.  I’ll find out who has what names soon.


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