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img_20160924_070247Paige has been lonely and super affectionate since her brothers got adopted.  I hope it works out for her to hang out with her sisters today.  It’s been weeks since they were together.  On the plus side, Paige is a lot less shy and retiring without her brothers filling the stage.

She did it!  She and her siblings that were available all got adopted today!

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Just Paige

Rocky and Cena got adopted.  The shy one, Paige, will take longer as I expected.  They’ll try putting her with her two sisters who had a different foster home.img_20160923_101118

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Home Again

img_20160922_180450They’re back and very tired out, pooped in fact.  Someone pooped in the carrier on the way home–Rocky by the smell of it.  So I washed feet and tails, avoiding the touchy spots, combed eveyone, and washed the carrier and blankets.

New word of the day: crytorchidism, undescended testicles.  A couple of their brothers have this so they have another week or two waiting to see if the balls drop or they get the trickier surgery.

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Snip Day

img_20160922_081809The new rule is no food after 8 a.m., so at least they had breakfast.  Now I no longer have a way to discourage Rocky from nursing on Paige’s neck.  But soon they’ll be on their way to Neuterville.  Rocky almost got a extra snack earlier when a cricket that escaped from being frog food showed up inthe room.  Rocky was a thrilled hunter, but I caught the cricket and retuned it to the frog.

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New To Them

img_20160921_080447I brought out the cello string toy–it fits all 3 at once.  Rocky gets the feathered end most of the time, but that makes the rest of the string fascinating for Cena and Paige.

They’re all over 2 pounds now and acting healthy.  Tomorrow is their spay/neuter day.

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Vampire Cat

img_20160917_114345Rocky insists on nursing on Paige’s neck.  She just looks stoic and puts up with it.  Then they both go eat food.   Could be worse.


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One of the rare times when all 3 have an upward trend.  No barfing, no runs, other than running wildly around the room.


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