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Guest Kitten

IMG_20171001_154524Being a guest instead of a foster means Saturn can explore the hall and even meet the home cats.  Even before seeing Snuggles (birthday cat! 18 years old today), Saturn was fluffed, but I think this is maximum tail fluff.

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Lonely Houseguest

Saturn’s new family will pick her up tomorrow evening.  Her sister, Mercury, got adopted at the end of today so this is her first evening without any siblings.  She’s pretty clingy.

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Still Available

Mercury is still available.  She is happy to be back from the boring shelter.  Her sister was lonely at home if I was out of the room.  (Saturn is a guest until Sunday evening).

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They’re all fixed now.  Neptune is at the shelter, waiting to get her new mom.  Saturn, as I was thinking might be the case, is a girl.  She and Mercury are a little wobbly yet.  Plus hungry and thirsty, and wanting to wash their bellies, and easily distracted.  This is another set fascinated with the water bowl when on post-surgery drugs.  Not as bad as Wendy a few litters back (


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Towel Climber and Box Diver

NEWS FLASH: because they’ve gained weight so well, spay/neuter is tomorrow!

Every one is over 2 pounds now.

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Jungle Gym

This time, it was Neptune squeezing through the toy, with Mercury helping.

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Getting Big

The girls are both over 2 pounds now and Saturn lacks only 2 ounces.  Their spay-neuter day is set for October 3rd.  It has become more challenging to keep them in the room.  Neptune practically has wings, she jumps so elegantly.

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