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Rigatoni All Lone-i

Rigatoni was reaching out to me when I left him with Spaghetti at the shelter in the morning.  Spaghetti was adopted.  When I picked up Rigatoni he was crying out to me, eager to be taken home.  He’s very demonstrative.

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Just Two Now

Macaroni got adopted.  Rigatoni is misidentified as female on the website.  They are happy to be back in their room.


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Last Night…Maybe

Tomorrow is their first adoption day.  Wishing them luck.

These kittens are not thrilled with the chickensoup brand of cat food, or they just are not as hungry since the surgery.  They were awfully interested in Em and Rob’s dinners when those were in the room.

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They are goofy-wild.  Spaghetti’s chin is green from the dye on her belly.  She’s just washing not tugging, and easily distracted, so it’s probably okay.  Eve brought in a ginger ale bottle with a cap.  Both items were a lot of fun and they got to keep the bottlecap.

Spaghetti is a water-weirdie: she slaps the water several times, then licks her paw. They’ve all been enthusiastic about the water bowl so I’m leaving it shallow and mopping up a lot.

While I was at a practice, Em called saying Rigatoni was sneezing and looked bloated.  He was fine, but wild when I got home.  The sneezing may have been from misjudging the distance to the water and the bloat a bit of constipation from the pain drugs.  No one is feeling any pain, that’s for sure.  They are super wild STILL at 10:30 p.m.  Spaghetti has most of the green off from her belly.  Hey, she’s finally resting and watching the other two play.

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A rare photo of the pushmepullyou cat.

And a group bathing session.

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Roll Playing

I just re-taped my handlebars and gave the empty rolls to the kittens.  They are none too sure about them: perhaps there is an odor.  Anyhow, they are fascinated and hit it with the exaggerated overhand tap and back off. They’re actually hitting it more normally now.

Everyone is over 2 pounds and 8 weeks now, so surgery should be next week.

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Boxed Set

I put a giant marble, a ping pong ball, a red rubber ball, and maybe the flocked ball under the box.  Rigatoni has been fascinated by it.

When I brought dinner in this evening, Rigatoni rushed out of the room, and then stopped to think.  While he was out, I put the food down and Macaroni and Spaghetti started eating.  Rigatoni finally decided he’d better check if I was going to be serving dinner, so he came back in and stared at me, waiting for me to put food down.  He couldn’t conceive of the notion that I put it down while he was out.  Finally, he heard the others eating and rushed over to catch up.

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Add a Towel–Make a Toy NEW again

This morning, I added a towel to the scratcher and it became a castle with holes.

Later, Macaroni got her foot caught in a suspended string holding a cardboard box, and lost her balance, ending in a very awkward and uncomfortable pose.  I rescued her, she’s fine, but no more string-supported cardboard box.

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End Of A Tail

I think this was Rigatoni, fluffed about something.  Gotta respect a cat with such a foofed tail.

Aria did get adopted by someone today.  Rigatoni and Macaroni have reached 2 pounds.  Spaghetti probably will sometime in the next week.


Not Quite Yet For Aria

Someone was interested in adopting Aria, but came too late in the day.  They plan on coming back in the morning.

Meanwhile, this is much of what the littles did while she was gone.