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Umbra and Shadow got adopted together today (Friday).

The wine litter is adjusting well.  There are poop issues but they try to use the litter box.  A few more days of meds and we’ll see how their digestion settles down.  Shiraz eats almost as enthusiastically as the others, and everyone eats kibble when there’s nothing better.


Mistaken Return

Now I find out they meant to keep the kittens there because they are shy, to get them used to the shelter.  I prefer getting them used to a home, but they are not mine.  They have been so happy to cuddle and run around–Shadow has been racing after the laser pointer and learning to jump to follow it.


Surprise Return

I thought they were going to someone else after surgery, but nope, and no, they didn’t get adopted this weekend.  So they’re back with me, and the very cleaned room.  I just feel bad that they were alone after surgery.

Also, I guess there already was a “Shadow”: she is renamed “Shadowfax”.  Hard to imagine a kitten less like the proud, brave battle, gleaming white horse, but she can become Shadow again later.


Out Of My Care


The shelter has a lot of kittens coming, so they took Shadow and Umbra for neutering today and are keeping them.  They had just wanted them with me to get them used to food.  Instead, I mostly needed to get them used to people and each other.  Umbra still has a bit of an issue about fighting her feet and Shadow is still shy, but they’re doing okay.  I hope.

And I see by the shelter’s Availble Cats page, Shadow is now Shadowfax.  So wrong for a shy grey kitten to be named after a fierce, blindingly white horse.  I suppose they already had a “Shadow”.



Notice the back feet, up by the left ear,…or in the armpit,…

or way out.  Umbra’s connection to her back feet is loose.

Meanwhile, Shadow is learning to play fetch when Umbra is asleep.  When Umbra is awake, it gets a little chaotic.



Kitten Enrichment

Crickets for some kittyTV, Kleenex box for biting.  I keep finding new stuff or new arrangements.

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Cute Kitten

They all are cute; the light ones are easier to photograph.

They had a checkup today: shots and topical flea meds.  Saturday, they get photographed by someone with more skill, a better camera, and a less happy setting, at least in the opinions of most of my kittens.