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Focus on Booker

Fairly focused anyhow.  Truth is back to normal, but not eager to be social.  Dare is limping now and being subdued.  He was very thirsty this morning, but other than that has mostly stayed in the box.


Worse and Better Again

Sorry about the lack of posts: I’ve been busy.  Wednesday, I got home from work and everyone was fine, but later Truth was limping, not putting any weight on his right front foot.  I sent a heads up to the shelter, but since nothing felt swollen or broken, I figured we’d see how he was in the morning.

In the morning he was still limping, so I dropped him at the shelter and went to my volunteer task at the middle school orchestra.  The shelter emailed me that he was showing no sign of limping and to come get him.  It turns out that sometimes when they’re a little sick, they limp.  He’s been on antibiotics since Thursday evening and this afternoon he finally felt better.  He’s been running around and eating and all.

Booker is Mr. Congeniality and quite a talker.  He has a wide vocabulary of trills and mrrrums.



Truth and Booker are pretty good friends now.  Dare suckles on Truth and knows I disapprove.  He is also a little more shy of Booker, so he’s in the sling under the chair.  Their surgery was postponed to next week, even though they’d all just reached 2 pounds today.  More time to learn social skills.


Growly Play

They’re interacting more and sometimes playing together.  If you didn’t hear the hisses and growls, you’d think they were friends.

They survived being in a single carrier to have their (individual) pictures taken.  They just hunkered down during the photos.  No clawing occurred.  No serious escape attempts.

Booker has quite a vocabulary.  He can do pigeon, creaky gate, bruuup-ya purrs, regular purrs. I don’t know if he meows.

Dare’s bad habit is suckling on Truth, noisily.  Generally I move him to the food and he eats in a more useful way.

Booker and Dare are about the same weight, a little under 2 pounds.  Last I was able to weigh Truth, he was over 2 pounds.  They are all probably going in for neutering Tuesday and staying at the shelter to minimize changes.


Meet Booker

Booker, orange male tabbly, has joined Truth and Dare.  He’s more social and it may rub off on them and he’s without siblings and a little lonely.  There’s been a little hissing (mostly Booker) and a lot of curiosity.

Truth and Dare were brave enough to play with a toys that I was holding: a straw and a mousie.  They were under the chair and didn’t want to come out, but they played.



Last night, I saw a live worm in Truth’s poop so I got them an appointment for a worming shot this morning.  Truth has also been doing little sneezes.  Anyhow, he’s joining Dare in panacur and ponazuril doses.  They gave him the first set this morning so my first attempt will be tomorrow.

Em’s been clearing out the closet and loft and I guess Truth and Dare realized there’s a closet behind the curtain.  AND they figured how to get into it.  I have it a little more blocked, but it’s probably a Lost Cause.



Everyone is doing better. Turns out, the shelter had gotten meds for Dare on the 12th, but I didn’t hear about it until late afternoon the 15th.  Dare’s had his first dose.  Challenging, but Truth would be worse.  Both kittens have soft but decent poops today.

I was not able to weigh them in the early morning because of freakouts, but mid-morning when they were relaxed in the sling I was able to take each one, cuddle, and set on the scale without undue panic attacks.  Truth is well past surgery weight (1010 g today, 910 yesterday); Dare went from 714 to 762g.


Hair Tie

I gave them my hair tie as a toy. It’s cloth-covered elastic so I shot it the first time. Usually Truth likes toys and Dare likes Truth, but Dare got really into this toy too.  I’m hoping it helps them get used to me because it has picked up my scent.

I did get a distinct purr from Truth yesterday, and they flinch and hiss less. Unfortunately, Dare’s poop got worse and had some blood last night so I’m hoping for a vet visit, dreading giving medicines.



This is an odd crew.  They still mostly avoid me, but will settle if put in my lap.  They are not eager eaters, but at least both are digesting better now.  They probably have not gained weight, but it is very hard to keep them on the scale without touching them.

I can often get Dare to purr.  He also yowls a lot.  Sometimes it is to call his brother.  They’re quieter when shut in under the table.

I brought the frog’s crickets in for entertainment viewing.  They’re doing that in this picture.


Please, Sir, Draw Me A Cat

They took to the box immediately.

And a more artsy photo: