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One More Night

This may be Holt’s last night here.  Someone told the shelter folks she’d come for him Sunday morning.

And apparently, she did. Holt is adopted now.


One Adopted, One Not

Terry got adopted at the end of his first adoption day. Holt is back with me for the night. He was very excited to see me, trying to push his way through the bars. He may be looking for Terry some of the time, but he’s the more adventurous, independent one, so I think he’ll be fine. I hope Terry has a full-time lap and jacket snuggle-space.


Jacket Man

Terry really likes being inside whatever jacket I’m wearing and being all warm and snug. Once he gets on my lap, he now “knocks” on my jacket if it is zipped or buttoned shut.


Playing With The Squished Cube

The boys continue to entertain and be entertained. No new milestones, other than Holt trying to fly out the door when I lowered the barricade when I was exiting.


Still Home

The vet decided to give Holt’s eye another week before trying for adoption. Plus Holt still does heavy breathing during play–no sneezing or wheezing but a little disconcerting.

Last night Holt learned from Terry how to work his way up on the other chair.

Our other excitement last night was Home Cat Commie bringing in a live rat and losing it upstairs. Bob and Sam finally got it chased out to the front deck and we’ve not seen it since. Never let a cat in who is yowling with their mouth full. Bob thought she was sick or in dire straits.


A Study in Grey

Terry was snuggled in my jacket.


Another Vet Trip


Another vet trip for more eye work in a few minutes.  Another both kittens being lonely through the day.  … Well, not an issue.  It was just a checkup and release.  Both are home now.




Holt appreciates it when people have tails and share them.

His eye is mostly staying open when awake and he’s a lot less snurfy.

Terry tried being on my shoulders while I was programming.  He had to be encouraged to go all the way up, instead of just clinging to my back.  He wasn’t too sure if he liked it.

Next weekend they should be up for adoption.


Eye (Re)Opening


Holt’s eye was looking better, then more and more closed in.  The lids, both inner and outer were growing together.  So today he was seen by a vet and had them opened again.  I keep Holt and his brother for another week and a half, opening his eye for him a few times a day, eyedrops, antibiotics, and cone as needed.  The eye inside looks good, just the skin around it is yucky.


Also, a picture Catherine took yesterday of Terry considering leaving the room.  Both kittens are getting more interested in taking over the whole house.  Woolly does her best to guard against that.




I hold still better than the pillow does.