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Getting Ready to Move On

Tomorrow they get to explore a new home with someone else. They are maybe 2 weeks from being at weight for surgery. They eat well. Mojito is very into eating. He had developed a little face crud that was hard to clean off a few days ago, so I put butter on it. He and his sisters enjoyed working on it.

And, sultry Mojito:


Little and Big

Ruth’s eyes are open and she is looking. Justice’s eyes are less open. Those two are starting to have incisors. Ruth’s appetite has been a little down, but she was eating more than the others and for a day, pooping less, so she has had some catching up to do.

The big guys love to sleep in my lap while I practice tunes. They will be with a different foster Friday. They’ve started trying to get out of the room and they’re braver with strangers coming by, not that there are many of those.


Not Fiddle-Shy

They like fiddle time because they can sit in my lap and watch the bow. Given the chance, Mojito will chew on the bridge, so I don’t usually leave the fiddle down where they can get it.

A couple days ago, I let them perch on the window sill. They were not scared at all and enjoyed the view.


Becoming Cats

The Mexican Cocktail litter is finally having everyone eat and gain well. Sangria and Margarita have also gotten much friendlier, coming to sit on my lap and purr. They are discovering the pleasure of being lap cats. Mojito has always known this. Another week or so and they should be able to cope with a different foster home as an adventure instead of a scary situation. I’ve had them 2.5 weeks so they’d be nearly surgery age (by teeth if not the original estimate), but they probably won’t be at weight.

Their eyes are much more gray in real life than on camera.



Thurgood’s ears may be going darker, in Siamese-like pointing. He may get more dark areas over the next several weeks. He is still the smallest, but gaining well, as are all the teeny Supremes.

In other news, Sangria likes to stand as vertical as possible while pooping, often resting a front paw on the edge of the box. Just a moment ago, she lost her balance as she finished and fell out of the box. She usually buries her poop, but not this time.


Two Teams, and Bystanders

Margarita has been checking my clothes, whether for KMR smells or kitten smells I don’t know. Ruth sleeps with her face on the carrier door, and tries to push through the grid when I lift the cloth off the door.

Home cat Woolly comes by to growl and hiss at the room. Home cat Commodore has aged out of annoyance and just ignores all the kittens.



They had visitors today: Em and Robb came by. Mojito is fine with visitors, but Sangria and Margarita have to hiss and back away for a while. They got over being scared though and enjoyed being petted.

Deb’s been wanting my hand in the picture for size comparison, so here:

Tomorrow I get a 2nd litter, of 5 day old kittens. That will make these guys look huge.

I can manage two litters (probably) with the neonates because they mostly sleep. Lots of intervals of feeding and cleaning, but I’ll still have time with the big kids.


Back To Meds

They’ve been happy and cuddly and eating well, but not gaining weight for several days, so they’re now on panacur and ponazuril. They get vaccines Thursday. And I put new collars on them, this time even catching some of my hair in the stickum.

I think all three can get onto the chair above this sling now. I moved the ramp around to make it a little easier.


Boxed Set

I gave them a box today. After a bit of priming, they have decided it’s pretty good.

A friend came over so we could video each other for a fiddle club pasted together set: everyone records themselves playing a set while listening to a recording over headphones, so we can be in sync. Anyhow, afterwards, she came up to see the kittens. What with sheltering in place, they have met very few people. They came running to greet me when I came in and totally freaked out when she entered. Sangria was as hidden as she could be under the table, hissing away. I held her facing away from my friend and she calmed down and soon was able to play and check out new shoes.


Just Being Cute

They’re good at it. Margarita is in front, Sangria behind her, and Mojito is invisible in the dark area behind them and to the left.

Not much is new. Everyone is over a pound, but they all leveled off for a few days. Their appetite and playing have stayed strong. Mojito stopped taking a bottle, so some weight loss is expected.