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Sisterly Love

And maybe some of the reason Thurgood has some very short whiskers. Now we’re sitting around waiting for their new Dad to pick them up.

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Tail Place

Ruth has found another good place for tail catching. She’s not fallen off yet.

Justice goes home at 1 today–and it’s just next door. The others had maybe-adopters but one set dropped out and I don’t know about the other. I was able to do a little mask sewing yesterday while they napped, and did the ironing downstairs.

The neighbors took both Justice and Judge. I hope to see them at the window, when it is shut.


and now Ruth and Thurgood are cleared to go with their new person.

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Back To Normal

Justice at the window

Ruth drinks water normally now, and flies out the door when I open it. So I’m allowing them the window again. I’ve not heard back on the shelter okaying the people who want to adopt them.

Plus video of new toy:

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Not Bored Board

I don’t need the riot shield right now to get in and out of the room, so I set it up as not quite a rolla bolla toy. they did not like it tipping, but they like the bounce and having some kittens under and some over.

Water is no longer being splashed around, so I assume Ruth can drink again. It’s hot even in Berkeley today, so I am grateful for their extremely trimmed nails: I can wear a t-shirt without extra layers.

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All Fixed

Ruth is one of those kittens who is fascinated by water while the post surgery drugs are still active. This may last for three days.

I sewed a lot of face masks while they were gone, and I have removed the easy route up the bookcase to the window. Everything is different and new anyhow because they were away for several hours and are still under the influence of kitty morphine.

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Very Busy

Ruth has been doing pullups on the music stand. Judge and Justice are doing thundering herd impressions. And Thurgood is observing.

They all get fixed Thursday. It will be a quiet day until they return.

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So Ready for New Places

I put my computer bag down for easy access for a while. Then I moved the furniture a bit and took away all the chewable bits of the sewing machine.

Then I did this VERY TEMPORARY and UNSTABLE hanging box. Fun, but too dangerous.

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More Territory

I gave them access to the shelf and sewing machine, and thus the window, partly to make it easier to get in and out of the door. They’re all pretty intent on exploring new territory. When I went out in the afternoon, I make it harder again, worrying that someone might get stuck behind the shelf or something. So when I came back, they were pretty insistent that I move the chair and tower back as steps to the window.

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Black and White

Ruth has eyebrow whistkers on both sides, but her right side ones are mostly black and invisible against her fur.

Pencils are always good: hard to pick up even when not suspended.

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Challenge Accepted

They all love the challenge of fitting through this toy. Sometimes they push the beads. Mostly they crawl through it.

Then there is the mutual washing society:

All but Thurgood are well above two pounds. He probably will be at the end of the week, but surgery will be scheduled for next week.

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