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Yesterday, Going Home

I finally coordinated taking a going home picture for Vagabond and Wanderer. They are now having fun exploring and settling into their new home.

Commie and Woolly are enjoying being able to be in the kitten room again, for a little while.

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Then There Were Two

Rover and Nomad have gone off to their new homes. The kittens have just started getting interested in getting out of the room, so nice timing. They’ll have new homes to explore.

Their former foster person, now Rover’s Mom, said that they were used to dogs even, although they have not been exposed to any at my house. My cats strongly disapprove of dogs.

The kittens have gotten more used to fiddle. Wanderer settled down on my lap for over an hour of a virtual Quebecois fiddle class. The teacher is working us on bowings and ornaments, not the footwork. Footwork probably would have displaced the kitten. Here’s a sample of some footwork and fine fiddling:

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Mint Leaf

I brought in a mint leaf after going outside to feed the frog. It is a very suspect item.

The noise near the end of the video is a kitten knocking a pencil, which rolls.

Ooops. The kittens were right. Mint can be bad for cats. It is safely away.

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Cone Play

Wanderer actually got out of this on her own, but I removed it from play anyhow.

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All Fixed

it's all a blurrrr

They all did well and came back feeling no pain. It turns out that Vagabond, the black kitten, is the only boy. All were able to drink water when they got back without making a mess.

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All Above Two Pounds

vagabond and Rover

Rover officially passed the two pound mark this morning. They’re scheduled for surgery Thursday morning.

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New Box!

3kittens and a box

We got a new box today, so a few quick cuts and it’s a hidden treasure trove. Plus it’s a target for tasty cardboard tooth action.

Rover, the formerly lightweight one, is over 2 pounds this evening.


Don’t Look!

Actually, the picture was probably mid-cleaning or chomping on each other.

They are still all having fun. Wanderer is great at jumping up and hasn’t yet thought to try for the places I prefer to keep kitten-free. I tried fiddle again today. Thursday they were scared of the sound. Today, the just ignored it.


Play Time

These guys are so happy with everything. Rover is a little underweight, but she goes back to the food for frequent snacks so I think she’ll do fine on gaining.

It seems like the only thing that will be difficult with them is getting portrait pictures. The shelter wants uncluttered photos with just the cats, looking at the camera, awake and interested. If they are awake and interested, they’re running around and my camera is slow to click. Videos are easier. I’ll set up the tower tomorrow and before they’re used to it, put them on top and wave something interesting.


Introducing, the Traveling Litter

“Traveling Litter” also describes the contents of the box often enough. But these kittens are from fosters in Napa who are getting fire refugee kittens in their place.

We have: orange-collared Rover, a gray-foot tabby; blue-collar Vagabond, a black kitten; yellow collar Nomad, a white-foot tabby; and green collar Wanderer, a grey tabby with side circles. They are extremely busy and not very shy. Not cuddly yet because they are too busy.

They probably get fixed next week.


They ate, they used the litter box, they cuddled and played some more, and then they zonked out, purring in a pile.