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A big bonus when kittens are adopted by friends is pictures and updates. Huit is now Six Huit, french for 6/8 or a jig. He and his family are having a wonderful time together, although the older cat in the family gets worn out by play requests.


Where Are They Now?

Six Huit (expanded name), who was adopted by my fiddler friend is learning how to have a big sibling cat. I hope to see this photo staged at different growth points.

Later today, I may get 3 bottle-baby kittens: back to the small end of the scale.


New Home

A picture from Infinity’s new family. It looks like there will still be yarn in her life.

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Sling Again

Infinity let me know that she wanted this chair sling set up again. With its indent, she can catch her tail.

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Infinity Back Again

Infinity got adopted but returned. She needs a family that can cuddle full time. She’s happy just being on the chair behind me, and I can post things and do work or help students tune their violins over zoom, but she is not going to be in a room all alone, or even separated by a few feet.

the mini-blep of contentment


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Infinity is the only kitten left with me today. She may have a new family, but the paperwork is not yet done. Or electron work. I had zoom calls with the adopters and emails with everyone, and Cata came over and we played tunes before she took Huit. It was so busy and now is so quiet.

The cyclone in the picture is a strand of plastic Marti Gras beads.

And just for fun, here is Huit looking very composed yesterday.



The kittens have been having a lot of fun and eating a lot. Chadwick and Huit have adoptions that are nearly finished. I should have had my tablet handy to take a picture of Chadwick when he touched the zoom face of his new mom. It was sweet.


Washing Up

Washing is a group activity.

Everyone is healing well and has a very good appetite. And short claws.


Party In The Litter Box!

Everyone is awake now, finals are over, and it’s time to party in the litter box.


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All Fixed

All fixed and absolutely starved. New collars, haircuts, and trimmed nails. Chadwick just squeaked by on weight at 2.01 pounds.