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Robin Has Flown Off to her New Home

Laundry is done and the home cats are making sure no kittens were left.

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I Have No Idea How Robin Achieved This


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The Interior Decorator Is IN

Robin likes this little, not-flat rug and has moved it to various hidey holes. I’m getting her used to the cardboard carrier so it will be a bit of home when she goes to her new place. Which isn’t yet. She’s moved the tunnel to the West side of the room (this is the East side).


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Kitty TV

It’s been warm enough the last few days that I bought crickets to start feeding my frog again. I was not wrong in thinking that Robin would enjoy watching the ones not yet out with the frog.

Also, I took a short video of her playing. The ball is courtesy of my fluff cat, Commodore, who sheds copious amounts of felt-able furr.

Turn the sound off: my android’s mic is broken and yet sends garbage to the sound track. it was very quiet in the room.


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Even This Is A Step

Today, Robin is able to be out of hiding in the room, even with me moving about. She played with the fleece ribbon toy at a distance and even managed to drink some water with me somewhat near. Tomorrow, she gets a visitor who is hoping to adopt her. Also, there is supposed to be rain. Two challenges in one day.

Also, some zoom meetings with other potential adopters. I took her out of hiding and had Bob come in the room. I held her a little while and then let her hide again. She’s coping with it.

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Wherein Robin Recovers after Being Frightened by a Hailstorm

There was a hailstorm earlier today and it totally scared Robin. She started crying and running between hiding places. I couldn’t get near her. She hadn’t vocalized for several days, ever since getting used to the space here.

This evening she’s back to playing and moving the furniture around.

She is now listed as available, but shy: she’s the cover girl on the “available cats” page. A friend of mine is trying to be the one to adopt her.


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Robin Video

Robin came out to play while I was talking on the phone. She has continued playing and being mostly brave. I learned she can jump up onto chairs with no problem. She is now checking out some different wand toys, but the wire cat dancer is her bestest toy.


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Brave Robin

Such strides yesterday! I left the enclosure open that afternoon and she went out and explored all the new places to hide. I didn’t have the tunnel open at the time: this picture is from this morning. That evening, she was able to run across my legs while playing and eventually decided that being brushed and petted was very worthwhile. She’s been leaning into pets, but starting last night, I was able to hold her without restraining her. She is much happier being able to relax. She’s even eating some of the canned food again. I am happier being able to pet her without contorting to reach inside a box or carrier.

Petting her outside the enclosure will be the next challenge, as well as having her remember that she enjoys touch and I’m not really scary.

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This morning and again this afternoon, we had interactive play outside of boxes. She even will sniff my toes and walk across my legs sometimes. She looks so much happier now that she can move without fear (she still startled easily).

She has decided kibble and water is all the food she needs: canned food can be ignored.

The picture below is in a box, but it’s a beauty shot.

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A Smidge Braver

Robin played in the box and carrier while I was in the under-table. She even left the carrier and got a drink. She can look at me without freaking out. She still does NOT want to be held, but enjoys being petted if she is in the box or carrier.

Here is a dimly-lit view of her playing later this evening:


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