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Bubble Boy — Adopted!

Glee really likes bubbles. He’s supposed to still wear the e-collar, but gets supervised play and eat time. He really has very little interest in his butt.

His first adoption event is Friday morning. With a collar. And already he’s adopted.


Full Body Sleeve

and a close up:

Glee likes a snug fit. He’s taken over my jacket. I think he can get out.

His leg is fine now. His butt is not elegant, but is better. He has a checkup tomorrow and may be up for adoption Friday.

He made it out of the jacket. He did not turn into a butterfly.


Much Better

Yesterday evening, Glee was feeling a little better, and by bedtime was pretty normal. This morning, he’s back to playing–perhaps a little more gently than before the injury. The doctor recommended continuing the meds for the day just to keep him from being too wild.


Lonely Boy

Happy and Joy got adopted Saturday within 2 hours of opening time. Glee stayed home, lonely. He somehow “lost” the butt stitches, and the neutering looks healed, so I let him go naked when I can closely supervise him.

The reason he’s soooo knocked out though is, sometime between playing and eating in the early morning, and me coming back after school orchestra, he developed a very sore leg. He could not put weight on his right back leg, he was trembling, and crying. No obvious swelling or sore spots. So we took an emergency trip to the shelter. They found nothing, but gave him pain meds, which have totally relaxed him. And he’s on a heating pad. It’s probably a pull or strain sort of thing, but if it’s not better in a few days, they will x-ray him. Apparently, the medicine tastes awful, because he got all spitty-frothy. He’s a little awake now, and purring.

His butt is looking better at least.


Cone Coping

This video looks a little like a Pixar ad.

They all play some now. Happy is the least bothered, can eat reasonably neatly and effectively: he’s chill. Glee is no longer freaked out by Joy, but those two both appreciate hand-feeding. Glee still asks to hang out inside my jacket. Sometimes Joy joins him.

I’m not sure what Glee’s butt is supposed to look like, but it’s not bothering him. There have been 3 poops, but I do not know whose they were: I’m guessing one each.

The food zone of the room looks like there were rampaging drunk teens that couldn’t decide between eating and throwing food.


Strictly Coneheads

They hate the cones and might be good about stitches, but Glee’s butt has issues. He’s had a prolapsed rectum from before I had him, but it’s been small and the shelter was hoping it would resolve. It has never seemed to bother him, but it could and it’s pretty nasty looking. It has not resolved, so today, along with the testicle removing they tucked him in and did a “purse stitch”. It is hoped that this will hold the insides inside where they’ll learn to stay and still allow pushing out poop. It is not an exact science and no one needs random kittens taking out the stitches. The vet will do that Friday morning. Until then, everyone (feline) has to wear cones.

Joy explodes in a flurry of cone-kicking, random playing, and more cone kicking. Happy is pretty quiet. Glee is apparently scared of Joy and startled by everything. There is some growling. It also looks like a major food fight. I tried saucers, but the bowls will keep the food in better and may still be accessible.

They are up for adoption at some event this Saturday, maybe including Glee.

Later note: I didn’t rush at the door and Glee did manage to get over the barricade at the low setting. He didn’t stick the landing, so he was easy to catch.


On Track For Wednesday

Happy reached 2 pounds this afternoon.

Joy enjoys jacket perching too. She and Glee will weasel on in even if not invited.

This picture was when they were done chewing on each other.

Glee gets on the desk much of the time now, if my lap is not available. Just so I don’t get too prideful of his preference, he dashes to escape the room often when I come in. Joy will sometimes run for it. Happy has not particularly tried yet.


A Squiggle of Yarn

To one end of the hanging wire toy, I added a squiggle of cut-off yarn. This is now the very popular end of the toy.



Glee and Joy got shots today, and everyone got prophylactic de-worming meds. Happy is off from the others by a week on shots because he was so sick at first.

Glee and Joy often go from lap to inside my jacket for a warm snuggle. Just Glee was in on this picture.

Next week should be spay/neuter/adoption time for them all. Happy is about 2 ounces under the surgery weight and surgeries are mostly Wednesdays.


New Place to Climb

The sewing machine is electric, but I kept the old treadle table. I just moved the scratcher-climber there and they like it a lot.

Joy is just now touching whiskers to water: she is figuring out drinking.