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PANO_20140721_115712I recently discovered that the panorama feature on my android is interesting for non-panorama uses.

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IMG_20140720_181036IMG_20140720_162816Here are two successful cat beds:  the chair sling and my lap.  The new red patch on my pants was a fortuitous touch.

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Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People

IMG_20140719_111903I made a sling I can tie on to the chair rungs for an easier loft bed.  It’s easier than using clothes pins to hold a towel up.  All of the kittens can get on top of the tower now.  And some can get over the door barricade if it’s in the half-down form.IMG_20140719_213640This evening, I gave them a trip to the bathroom with me while I showered and washed my hair.  These guys have never suffered the trauma of a sink bath, so the room was without bad associations.  They mostly enjoyed the cupboard, far away from the water sounds.  Afterwards, they got to enjoy wet hair and the ever-attractive pajama string.

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IMG_20140718_231615Bobby and Barry can get to the top of the tower now.  Barry thinks my pj drawstring is the best toy ever and is growling so that everyone can be jealous.  They run around attacking everything.  Basically, they’re acting like kittens.  They aren’t gaining weight yet, so I’m switchhing to tastier canned food.  They have been eating both canned and kibble, but they haven’t been finishing the science diet canned food.


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IMG_20140717_171621Afternoons are for napping.  I woke them up a little, turning the tower to get more light in it, but they were slipping back into sleep before the camera clicked.  When they play, they’re pretty wild.  They are learning that biting my feet or legs is not okay–they look surprised when I squeak, but they stop.  I can see them thinking that people are pretty thin-skinned wimps, but we pet nicely and bring food and toys.

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Kittens at Play

These are pretty normal kittens.  They sleep, eat, use the litter box, and play.  Brutus has a pretty loud purr.  Some of the others try purring a little. It seems that most of them don’t get comfortable curled up, but prefer to sleep cast half over the bed’s edge.

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Boneless Kitten Ranch

IMG_20140715_123801[With a nod to Gary Larson]

They had some race-around-the-room time last night and this morning.  So far, they’ve been good about only using the litter box.  They have been finding lots of toys, checking out the mirror, climbing some things, and deciding this is an okay place to be.  They still were a little shy of me when I came in in the morning, but they’ve been all over me since.  I did manage to trim the front claws some and may do some more.

I found fleas and flea poop last night.  After lots of combing then, no fleas yet today.  They enjoy the combing: maybe they realize it’s more effective than scratching.

The plastic collars were a bit large on some and came off or trapped a front leg.  I’ve changed all of them to cloth collars, which is easier with flea combing anyhow.

I forgot to post that Orchid got adopted, July 4th, by a friend from fiddle club.  She’s now being spoiled and getting flute music.  Orchard, now Gidget, is still at Saving Grace, with other special needs kitties.




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Intrducing the B Boys

After a little exploration, one has sacked out completely.  The other 3 are still pretty wild.  They are about 5 weeks old and know how to eat, drink, and use the litter box.  I forgot to get their names.  They may work their collars off, but no 2 look alike so it’s not too serious.  I think I will be trimming front claws soon.  They were shy for about 20 minutes.  I’ll keep them mostly caged under the table until tomorrow, so they know it’s home base.  They seem strong and healthy.IMG_20140714_160135IMG_20140714_155827

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