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Some Progress

lookingThe three bigger bigger kittens are playing and acting fine now.  They watch when I feed the litler kittens.  Way in back, on the cushion, poor Binky sits.  He still barfed this afternoon, and his weight really dropped. I came back from a rehearsal and fed everyone, and he ate well, gained back 20 grams, and hasn’t yet puked.  I’m feeding smaller amounts more frequently, to see if that helps.

The O’S get messier.  Opera can do squat–she managed a very tidy poo in the box.  Mostly they poo on each other in bed, and pee on the floor and slip and fall in it.  Orchard got an swollen anal gland, but a warm soak and massage seem to have helped.


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B’s Are Not Yet Well

cat jigs

But they are feeling better most of the time.  Betty and Bono got the runs too–Betty was very cramped for a while  They had a 1 o’clock vet visit and all got some subcutaneous fluids and two prescriptions: panacur and ponazuril, both for parasites.  They now feel better more of the time.  .  Betty was feeling better when I started to practice and was able to get onto the jig set.

Bonbon especially has been making a crunchy tooth sound when he talks or eats.  I assume some baby teeth are either growing in weird or getting loose.  Google says the baby teeth fall out at three months, but Ive heard this nasty grinding sound from this age (about 7 weeks) before and it was not a problem.

The O’s continue to wake every few hours, eat pretty well, and poop copiously.  They’ve been getting a daily bath and feel nice for a while.


Soprano Kitten

Onus has the highest pitched voice i have ever heard from a kitten.  They did not appreciate the delay in feeding.


Meanwhile, the B’s continue to not gain weight.  Binky seems to have stopped barfing, but Bonbon now barfs hugely–although maybe not since early morning.  He is a little subdued and way down in weight, so I got them a vet appointment for 3 this afternoon.  Maybe the’ll get the food for digestive difficulties.


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subletThe little guys needed more space–they’re starting to exit the carrier for potty reasons.  I think it’s too unfair to shut our cats out of our room, so I fenced off a space in the kitten room.  The big guys are fascinated watching me feed and potty the little guys.  The tots are apparently uninteresting on their own.

Bonbon had some barfing issues today.  Binky is finally gaining some weight, but Bonbon is losing.  Still fairly active and playing, although right now the 4 are snuggled purring in my lap.



Kitten Skirmishes

They are done with the afternoon naptime and ready to rumble.

Binky still has barfing problems, and no one wants the Shelter’s canned food if I don’t add a little fresh chicken, so I bought some fancier canned food at Pet Food Express.  It is very popular but time will tell if Binky digests it better.


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The Cool, Mature Kitten

mellowKevin was over to play with the kittens and his cameras yesterday and was able to get a lot of good pictures.  This is Betty melting from a neck & back rub.



What’s In A Name

binkyName a kitten “Binky” and this is what happens.  BonBon has been sucking on his ear for over 10 minutes.

Everyone finally showed a big weight gain today.  Giving up bottles is hard on everyone.  Binky has had it worst, losing weight for a few days and having some barfing and dry heaves.  He was doing really well last night and this morning, some heaving midday, but mostly okay.  Betty knows how to drink water, and Binky seemed to be learning.

The tiny kittens are doing well.  They need attention for about 20 minutes every few hours.  They have been making the longest poops (for body size) I have ever seen, and are pretty relaxed and blase about their accomplishments.  I guess about 4″ for the longest one.