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IMG_20160514_190502The kittens all got new homes Thursday and Friday.  My homie cats apprciate the extra lap time.



IMG_20160512_192055Echo was freed from his collar shortly after coming home, after getting his jsw caught on it twice.  Now he and Daffodil are with their new family.  I assume Daff’s collar was cut free.  This evening, I saw Daisy had gotten free of her collar, apparently chewed through.  The collars make excellent toys.

Tomorrow, Ember and Daisy go to their first adoption day.



IMG_20160511_160608All four kittens got editted today.  All four were very happy to find that I would feed them again.  Among the edits was nail trimming: they still jump at my legs but don’t stick.  o0====08o8o08o0ooo0o000uy900u9yyhyhyyo0h6^6y66666

Their typing on post-surgery drugs makes little sense.  I had to interrupt my typing to free Echo’s jaw from his collar and someone continued the blog.  Ack! caught again.  Making it more snug would fix it, but cutting is quicker.

Yesterday, Daffodil found she could do a stand stand.




IMG_20160510_104035 After racing around, it’s time for naps.  Their surgeries are scheduled for tomorrow, but Ember is still rather underweight.  Still, no breakfast and a morning vet trip for all four and we’ll see.IMG_20160510_104939


A Cuppa

IMG_20160509_095428The cup was empty, and only had held orange juice, but it was new to the kittens.  I had been drinking from it, so they all had to lick the edge of the cup.  I’ve not tried to eat much with them, so this was pretty exciting, even if ultimately disappointing.



IMG_20160508_130250Em had been hiking and brought back some fabulous smells for the kittens.  She even had some mud!

Everyone but Ember is either over 2 pounds or will be by Wednesday.  I sometimes can get him to play “catch the kibble”, to remind him to eat more.  Everyone is healthy though.


Sticky Label

IMG_20160506_163100I peeled off a magazine label, which rolls up with the sticky side outside.  It makes an annoying, intriguing toy for a while–catching their whiskers and paw pad fur lightly.


Long Cat

IMG_20160505_192623Today, Daisy realized she could get on the 2nd yellow shelf and pull up on the plywood that was blocking off an area they never explored.  So they have a new area to explore now.  These are just pictures of Daffodil and Echo being busy and looking handsome.IMG_20160505_192523


Door Straw

IMG_20160503_170319I had not yet introduced them to the joys of playing with plastic straws, nor to the game of door.  That is happily remedied now.  There’s an odd percussion of various lengths of straw being batted and chewed.


In Case

IMG_20160502_162340I decided the were trustworthy enough to be allowed in the case.  This litter is very good about using the actual litter box.  They even bury their poops.

Ember is putting more weight on his leg.  The last pain shot was 3 days ago, so it’s probably not doing much.  I’ll see how he is tomorrow, but maybe he doesn’t need the shots now.  He has a couple more days of antibiotic.

They’re 7 weeks old now.  Echo is probably two pounds by tomorrow–he was .5 ounces shy of it this morning.  Ember needs to catch up, but he is working on it.