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Laps and More

IMG_20141124_130716Em visited, so there were twice as many laps to enjoy.  And twice as many people taking pictures.



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the cat conspiracyThe kittens have had a lot of visitors this weekend.  Em even visited them late last night with a midnight snack.  She was also their climbing structure, although she did annoy them with flash photography.

The kittens now eat the science diet canned food.  Sometimes I add water and ground up dry kibble, but they’re not very picky.  

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Tweeter Became Aware of a Sleepover

sleepoverLast night, perhaps because Em had a friend over and kept chatting after going to bed, perhaps because Tweeter got more used to the bed and people on it, Tweeter knew she had people to play with all night.  And to cuddle and sleep with, but people lying down are a lot to explore.  Mostly, she stayed with faces and arms, but she went undercover some.


Em’s Visiting

Best seat in the houseEm’s in town and we moved her mattress down from the loft so Tweeter could snuggle with her overnight, but Tweeter just got confused when Em spoke to her. Tweeter ended up sleeping in her own bed with Blue Puppy, and greeting Em enthusiastically when Em got up. 14 ounces of kitten today.